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7.1 (out of 10) Kybernetická Babicka

Album Review: Kybernetická Babicka

2005-09-13 from source: pitchfork

Let's go to Stereolab school. You'll need:

  • A penchant for vintage organs and recording equipment.
  • A love of light pop, psychedelia, and krautrock from the mid-60s through the mid-70s. (Extra credit: a not-so-dormant completist streak.)
  • Hard leftist politics are suggested, but not required. However, you will be expected to have a fetish for vocal harmonies and wordless lyrics.
  • A strong will in the face of legions of kids saying how much better Stereolab used to be.
  • Perhaps more importantly, an easygoing nature: remember, you can't mind repetition or fluorescent colors.

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A few steps more

2005-05-16 from source: For the 'records' weblog

Monade w/ The Most Serene Republic @ Lee's Palace

Maybe everyone was at the Doves/Mercury Rev show at the Kool Haus because the Monade/The Most Serene Republic show was initially sparsely attended especially during the opening band.

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Monade live at The Abbey Pub, Chicago

2005-05-14 from source: Venus zine

Unabashed honesty from a musician onstage is endearing. That’s why everyone laughed and cheered good naturedly when — after a front-row fan at a recent Monade show playfully taunted with the catcall, “Want to marry a Mexican?” — a very composed Laetitia Sadier replied, “I don’t do Mexicans”. Offensive? Being French (and universally adored) probably helps her case.

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8.0 (out of 10) Oscillons from the Anti-Sun

Album Review: Oscillons from the Anti-Sun

2005-04-29 from source: pitchfork

Years ago, before all this file-sharing business, music fans were forced to spend hours standing around record stores, staring at overpriced import EPs and wondering whether they were really the sort of people who'd spend $12 bucks to hear four songs.

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