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Viva la Revolution

2001-11-24 from source: pixiluxe

Stereolab have carved a unique niche for themselves in the music world that has given them certified credibility as†well as longevity.

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Stereolab Making Sound Purchases

2001-11-01 from source: Now Toronto

STEREOLAB with QUASI at the Phoenix (410 Sherbourne), Sunday (November 4) at 6 pm. $18 advance, $20 door. 416-870-8000

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Natural beauty

2001-11-01 from source:

Stereolab bring their space-age sounds back down to Earth

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Stereolab Lazy

2001-09-07 from source:

Sound-Dust -- a refreshingly roomy, clean-sounding departure

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Hi-Tech Savvy

2001-08-06 from source: Future Music

Stereolab might use ancient Wurlitzers and Farfisa, but it's hi-tech savvy that let's them fully realise their restless imaginations as new album Sound Dust proves....

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Home Entertainment

2001-07-27 from source: The Guardian

Tim and Laetitia discuss music for children

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X Stereolab

2001-01-01 from source: playlouder

The irony is, although they've been dubbed po-faced intellectuals, they're probably the least pretentious band on the planet.

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Live As You Want

2001-01-01 from source: lifestyle: the russian journal weekly supplement

Name a major European city without a big river in it

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Laetitia Sadier

2001-01-01 from source: venus zine

Stereolab's Main Lady

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