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Laetitia Sadier

1999-12-18 from source:

Stereolab's Main Lady

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Stereolab Interview

1999-12-17 from source: muse

Stereolab have remained a source of stylish reliability in a fashion obsessed world

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Stereolab's Weird Passage

1999-12-02 from source: Choler Magazine

Lounge-pop guru Tim Gane of Stereolab on music, parenthood and Y2K

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Laetitia Lets Loose:

1999-11-29 from source: Tower Records

An Interview with Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier

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Stereolab: 16 Points and Tim Gane

1999-11-10 from source:

Guitarist Tim Gane Responds To An Adopted, Adapted Proust Questionnaire

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The World According To Tim Gane

1999-10-23 from source: The Guardian

Tim on the music press, avoiding work, Karl Marx, the radio, and having your own label.

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German ProSieben Interview (translated)

1999-10-19 from source: ProSieben

Tim and LĘtitia discuss creativity and music

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Surrealist Manifesto

1999-09-22 from source: Salon

Stereolab on philosophical systems, the economics of small record labels, and why you shouldn't have sex to Barry White

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On the Couch with LĘtitia from Stereolab

1999-09-01 from source: NME

LĘtitia answers all the "what is your..." questions NME can throw at her

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Stereolab live webchat from NME

1999-08-09 from source: NME

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The Freedom of Sound With Stereolab

1999-07-01 from source: Brett's Ramblings

LĘtitia talks about Stereolabís latest album and about the themes running through the songs

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Stereolab take you on their latest retro-futurist journey through things you never knew existed

1999-02-09 from source: Sleaze Nation

Stereolab's singular sound is generated by Gane's refusal to stick to the script of rock orthodoxy

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Stereolab: Phasing Out the Cobra

1999-01-01 from source: Chart Attack

We want people to listen!

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Audio Interview

1999-01-01 from source: 2kool4radio

real audio streaming interview

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