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A Five Track Taster of Their New Album Instant 0 in the Universe

Album Review: Instant 0 in the Universe

2003-11-01 from source: CD Times

After tragically losing band member Mary Hanson in a cycling accident in 2002...

Stereolab return to their trademark sound in the form of maxi-EPInstant 0 in the Universe, a five track taster of their new album release in early 2004.

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German review of Instant 0 Instant 0 in the Universe

Album Review: Instant 0 in the Universe

2003-10-20 from source: Music Deluxe

Here's the link: Looks like they gave it 4 out of 6??

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Stereolab - starting at zero

2003-10-17 from source: The Times Online

Stereolab have come through death and divorce

FRIEND OF MINE used to work at Reckless, a second-hand record shop in London. She could almost guarantee that any new employee, given the choice of what music to play on their first day, would plump for either Beck or Stereolab. With Beck, people were trying to equate themselves with a self-confessed pop know-all who also happens to be quite good looking. Stereolab were more of a badge of cool Û exotic, slightly icy, complex. French, even.

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My Music: Stereolab

2003-10-12 from source: BBC News

Lo-fi group Stereolab have been heroes among fans of dreamy experimental pop for more than 10 years.

Vocalist Mary Hansen was killed in a cycling accident in December - but they are back with a mini-album, Instant 0 in the Universe, on Monday.

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Rating: 5.0 (Mediocre; not good, but not awful) Instant 0 in the Universe

Album Review: Instant 0 in the Universe

2003-10-09 from source: Pitchfork Media

Alright, before we get started, I need you to check this.

Brent D gets his cheers and jeers from the leering public, but for my money, he contributed one of the best reviews this site's ever seen. It's not just that he found a way to out-pomo Stereolab and Jim O'Rourke, but that he did it in such a way that didn't necessarily insult anyone involved-- including fans of the record. How should I know? Because I was one of the few who actually liked Cobra & Phases, despite its flat, obviously derivative easy-listening sounds, krautrock medleys and horns cribbed from "Playboy After Dark".

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Peux-tu nous raconter la genÀse de Monade, ton autre projet? (translation included below)

2003-08-23 from source:

Cela fait des ann»es que j'»cris des chansons; mais j'en »crivais fort peu car je croyais a chaque fois que j'en faisais une, je croyais que cela relevait du miracle!

Puis fut venu le moment ou j'ai eu envie d'en enregistrer mais á une petite »chelle, c'est á dire dans un petit studio, une chambre en fait, celle de Rosie de Pram á Birmingham. Il y avait la un petit 'set up'; un 16 pistes: parfait pour mon entreprise que je voulais »parse. J'y ai enregistr» avec elle mes deux premiers singles qui ont fait l'objet de deux splits; l'un avec "M", maintenant Papa-M de Dave Pajo, le second partag» avec Scott Bond, un ami de Londres qui »tait dans un groupe r»volutionnairement violent The Sperm Whales. Il faisait aussi du boogie woogie quand il ne jouait pas de la basse avec une tron¡onneuse! Plus tard, quand nous aussi avions notre petit 'back bedroom set up', j'ai continu» d'enregistrer quelques morceaux dont cache-cache qui fut la face B de la collaboration de Stereolab avec Brigitte Fntaine. Puis encore au fil des ann»es de temps á autre j'enregistrais un morceau; jusqu'au jour ou je me suis dit qu'il serait bon de r»unir tous ces petits bouts de musiques et d'en cr»er d'autres et de faire sortir le tout sous forme d'album; un album tout á moi et qui je le pressentais m'obligerait a passer a la vitesse sup»rieure...

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6.5 (out of 10)

2003-05-09 from source: pitchfork

At a point in the mid-90s I was ready to declare the lounge music fad to be at once the sound of a lethargic god, and utterly worthless. The exotic productions of 60s stereo pimps and failed pop bandleaders were campy to be sure, but in many cases, they were often obscure enough to afford the kind of off-kilter experimentation that wouldn't otherwise stand a chance on a bill with Frank Sinatra or Bobby Darin.

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8.0 (out of 10) ABC Music - The Radio 1 Sessions

Album Review: ABC Music - The Radio 1 Sessions

2003-05-05 from source: pitchfork

Stereolab have been a terrific band. In the early 90s, when "post-rock" meant English people moving past shoegazing into ambient and dub, they caromed into view on a buzzy organ-and-guitar rush, droning joyously into a frenzy as poppy as it was driving.

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