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The Melbourne Concerts

2002-03-29 from source: peng! e-mail list

These were two great nights. I'm so glad the groop made the effort to get down here.

Both Melbourne gigs played by the groop were thoroughly enjoyable. Laetitia looked nice in her 96 annee erotique t-shirt at the Prince of Wales gig, but seemed a bit annoyed by the crowd's enthusiasm. At one point, after a particularly appreciative response from us, she said "alright already!". She reminded me of that Vulcan chick on the new Enterprise show - kinda 'Your exuberance is illogical. We're not that good!'.

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Live at Corner Hotel, Melbourne AU

2002-03-29 from source: Beat

Stereolab are like a giddy garage band as they bang out songs with splendid rhythmic chug

So, then, with everyoneís favourite postmodern mods affecting their apparently-effortless cool in their inimitably-dorky Kraftwerk-as-cross-channel-jazz-band way for the third time on the Australian shores, youíd figure that promoters and such-styled folk would be familiar enough with the band, the Stereolab, to find a decent, appropriate national support.† Instead, here, after suffering with Friendly on the last journey, loyal lab lovers are lumped with the fucking frightful Full Fathom Five.†

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It's strangely cold in the lab

2002-03-26 from source: Sydney Morning Herald

You could dance to Stereolab, think about it and give a damn at the same time.

Despite accepted wisdom to the contrary, it is not true that electronic music is perforce more impersonal than guitar-driven rock. A synthesiser is not automatically devoid of emotion any more than a G chord strummed on a Gibson automatically carries with it some deep feeling.

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stereolab - gallic cool

2002-03-20 from source: beat magazine

Life is not an illusion

STEREOLAB Things are not just black-and-white, like the media is trying to make people believe. Life is not an illusion. It is about reality, it's about real things, and life is about facing reality, about being aware of this real world that is around you, and these real people that are around you."

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Stereolab gig at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

2002-01-31 from source: Past Archives

Review written for the Mensa Rock Special Interest Group newsletter "Feedback"

Having had the venue for this gig shunted around Cardiff since its original place and time of The Coal Exchange and 12 December, Clwb Ifor Bach turns out to be a moderately sized upstairs room with a low stage that looks a little cramped to accommodate the current Stereolab sextet and the racks of equipment the elaborately upholstered machine music of their albums would suggest they travel with.

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The Groop Played ... Well, Whatever The Hell It Wanted

2002-01-04 from source: Choler Magazine

With a brilliant new album -- Sound Dust under its belt, Stereolab has proven once again that it makes music one way: its own. A conversation with 'lab main man Tim Gane

I'm sitting backstage at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, Calif. with Tim Gane, Stereolab's founding songwriter, guitar player and main ideologue, and we're lying to one another. Gane is pretending to give me direct, concrete answers to my questions about his band's work methods, its history, its fondness for certain producers, and I'm pretending to believe him. We're going along like this, happily, because approximate truths are about as close as one can get to nailing down anything about the group.

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The Tracks of My Years

2002-01-01 from source: Alternative Press

Stereolab's L titia Sadier replays her life

Although Stereolab haven't had what anyone would call "hits", they've become a seminal Anglo-French art-pop band with a devoted legion of fans. And who wouldn't fall in love with the cool intimacies of songs naed Italian Shoes Continuum and Puncture in the Radax Permutation, which read more like Star Trek episodes than titles. But that's Stereolab's secret: you don't have to understand them to love them.

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