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live at Academy 2, birmingham

2001-12-11 from source: peng e-mail list

The new songs were great

Yup - I was there too - and also have a set list (Laetitia's! - my wife thought I was very silly!!) which I was going to post today as I had worked them all out - but "el" has beaten me to it.

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Live at Manchester University

2001-12-07 from source: The Guardian

two stars

Once upon a time, the independent sector was hung up on the spurious notion of "selling out". The idea was that bands could build up a following over years, only to see their entire fan base wiped out overnight by the merest dalliance with a Smash Hits photoshoot or a Top 40 hit. The likes of U2 and New Order managed to combine commerciality with barely damaged credibility, but the chart books are littered with bands - Bauhaus a notable example - whose enormous hardcore followings never forgave them for going on Top of the Pops.

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Viva la Revolution

2001-11-24 from source: pixiluxe

Stereolab have carved a unique niche for themselves in the music world that has given them certified credibility asÜwell as longevity.

ItĚs a rather rainy day when ÜI pull up to the Palace to interview Stereolab. A day when most Californians would stay inside before say making a treIt's a rather rainy day when ÜI pull up to the Palace to interview Stereolab.

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live at Ridglea Theater, Fort Worth Texas

2001-11-19 from source: web:therapy

4.5 stars out of 5

(Note - many, many factual inaccuracies in this review - ed.) Since 1990, the British-French combo Stereolab have been making unusual and beautiful music together. Beginning with the Super 45 single in 1990, Stereolab has carved out an expanding niche in the modern-rock market. Their most recent release is Sound-Dust, and their current North American tour is in support of that album.

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live at the 9.30 club, washington dc

2001-11-13 from source: peng email list

delicate and jazzy

I was lucky enough to have caught the Lab at the fantastic Friday night show at Irving Plaza--what an amazing job with the Sound-Dust songs and the reworkings of "Cybelle's Reverie" and "Parsec". Saw them again last night in D.C., and it seemed like a different band.

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Live at Irving Plaza, NY

2001-11-10 from source: peng email list

The new songs are wonderful, but I feet the show overall was not representative of Stereolab's amazing career

I see that Wed. and Thurs. groop performances have already been documented, so for the diehards, here is Saturday - Stereolab's last show in New York City. Irving Plaza was packed, the crowd hopping, and the sound great. The new songs are wonderful, but I feet the show overall was not representative of Stereolab's amazing career.

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Live at the Avalon Ballroom, Boston MA

2001-11-06 from source: peng email list

the lamest Stereolab crowd I've ever seen

I have to say, it was the lamest Stereolab crowd I've ever seen--the talking during the quiet bits, especially in the new songs, was constant and really distracting. Part of this may have been the venue--the largest place I've ever seen them play, a club I hadn't been to since 1991 or 1992 when My Bloody Valentine opened for Dinosaur Jr in one of its former incarnations.

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interview with tim gane of serious pop groop stereolab

2001-11-05 from source:

i ran across the streets of montreal stealing stereolab posters and giggling...

first of all, thank you for spending time with us today; itĚs your second visit to montreal in 2001, you played the montreal jazz festival earlier this year. you guys actually come quite often to montreal, itĚs even surprising. is it a city that you particularly enjoy, or that you like to visit ?

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Stereolab Making Sound Purchases

2001-11-01 from source: Now Toronto

STEREOLAB with QUASI at the Phoenix (410 Sherbourne), Sunday (November 4) at 6 pm. $18 advance, $20 door. 416-870-8000

Artists' listening tastes usually offer some interesting insights into the music they make. So if you want to get a better understanding of how Stereolab's new Sound-Dust (Elektra/Warner) took shape, it stands to reason that knowing the sort of records that idea man Tim Gane has been bidding for online at e-Bay could be very enlightening.

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Natural beauty

2001-11-01 from source:

Stereolab bring their space-age sounds back down to Earth

"A still pool of music." That's not the visual image normally associated with the ever-effervescent sounds of Stereolab, but it was the original destination sought by the British band's music man Tim Gane as he trekked through the underbrush of futures past to assemble the band's latest disc, Sound-Dust.

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Live at Vic Theatre, Chicago IL

2001-10-31 from source: peng email list

happy birthday mary!

wow. that was a weird show. I dunno, not quite what I expected. a great show, a fun show, of course.. just funny. tim of course oblivious to anyone else's existence, l & m looking like they'd prefer such a state, rather than have to deal with the audience. especially mary, who looked very tired. I guess today was her birthday, judging from the many "happy birthday mary!"s.. so happy birthday mary!

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Stereolab@Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL

2001-10-31 from source: musictoday

Once in a blue moon Stereolab fails to deliver a great show. Was this just a bad night for Euro-pop?

Is the band still not done jelling with its new keyboardist? Or did this happen because, on Halloween, the moon phased full for the second time that month? Regardless, a not-so-great show from a band of this caliber can still be quite good, and this concert was not without its highlights.

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Stereolab Lazy

2001-09-07 from source:

Sound-Dust -- a refreshingly roomy, clean-soundingdeparture

Stereolab: masters of analog drone. Stereolab: champions of vintage keyboard gear. Stereolab: a band that has made a career out of recording the same basic song over and over. Whatever you think of them, they made an indelible mark on the music of the nineties, evolving from an indie sensation to a surprisingly credible major label act, and indeed to a genre unto themselves.

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reviewed: experimental albums Sound-Dust

Album Review: Sound-Dust

2001-09-01 from source: drowned in sound

sound-dust review

Stereolab simply cannot win. From being lauded in the early 1990's for their timely resurrection of the Krautrock pulse and their intuitive melodic sense, they have since been condemned by some elements for being both too cold and calculating and, incredibly, just too consistent to be taken seriously. Many have claimed that their flawlessly upbeat mix of driving rhythms, Gallic vocals and serpentine, incandescent arrangements have a soulless core; that their beautified art-pop is just too artfully poised to stomach.

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album review - sound-dust Sound-Dust

Album Review: Sound-Dust

2001-09-01 from source:

Sound Dust Elektra Records CD

At first listen this album doesn't remind me at all of what we've all come to know as: Stereolab. With the help of John McEntire and Jim O'Rourke 'Sound Dust' is the band's ninth full-length album. The track, 'Black Ants In Sound Dust', begins the album on a sombre note as it emulates a series of scales an orchestra would use while warming up for a performance. Lead singer, Laetitia Sadler finally starts singing on the second track, 'Spacemoth', which is entirely in French without translation. Most songs on the album are dark however, there are some brighter areas within the album like 'Hallucinex', which sounds like it popped right off thier earlier release, 'Dots and Loops'.

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Sound-Dust - Elektra Sound-Dust

Album Review: Sound-Dust

2001-08-27 from source: pitchfork media

Rating: 7.4

As the legend goes, Stereolab bettlerharfemensch Tim Gane met the devil himself one dark night in the curved corners of Rem Koolhaas' Educatorium at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. On this night, the devil did not materialize in his traditional red spandex bodysuit, nor did he hold a pitchfork.

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Bleed Music Reviews Sound-Dust Sound-Dust

Album Review: Sound-Dust

2001-08-21 from source: Bleed Music

Here, on their 10th LP, Stereolab are showing definite signs of having absolutely no problem with their fondness for being themselves...

With the 90s over, relegated to pop's recycling bin until, oooh, at least 2004, we can look back at the careers of some of the era's major artists. Heading that list, for me, at any rate, would be Stereolab. From their emergence in 1992, the band have defined a compartment to themselves throughout the upheavals of the last decade, drawing influences from way back, while consistently presenting fresh, idiosyncratic and challenging material.

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stereolab, Sound-Dust

Album Review: Sound-Dust

2001-08-12 from source: the brainwashed brain

Start twirling your finger.

The 'Lab are back and boy do they love The Beatles (well, they're really ripping off George Harrison's "When We Was Fab" from the 1980s, which is much lower on the cool-meter). Actually, it's rather nice that they're song-based again as opposed to the overtly wanky qualities of their last few releases. The faux-country acoustic guitar noodling and pedal-steel solos kill all enjoyment of this song started in the first minute.

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Sound-Dust reveiwed by CMJ Sound-Dust

Album Review: Sound-Dust

2001-08-06 from source: CMJ

The idyllic, Marx-inspired, proto-hippie Tomorrowland never came...

It's been a decade since Stereolab's retro-future pop visions first gave us a glimpse into the alternate universe of a Utopia-come-true. The idyllic, Marx-inspired, proto-hippie Tomorrowland never came, but that didn't stop band leaders Tim Gaine and Laetitia Sadier from writing music for it, and with Sound-Dust the group continues to build its impressionistic oeuvre dedicated to such a place. The album was recorded largely in Chicago with post-rock super producers John McEntire and Jim O'Rourke behind the master control, and honorary 'Lab Sean O'Hagan (High Llamas) puts the trill in the keyboards.

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Hi-Tech Savvy

2001-08-06 from source: Future Music

Stereolab might use ancient Wurlitzers and Farfisa, but it's hi-tech savvy that let's them fully realise their restless imaginations as new album Sound Dust proves....

For a decade, Stereolab have carved a unique path on the margins of British pop. From the pounding guitar linearity of earlier material, through to the eclectic lounge, avant garde and jazz concoction of 1999's Cobra.... And now there's Sound Dust, an album that's mature, lush, filmic, exotic and much more.

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My great wonderful love for this beautiful band!

2001-08-04 from source: peng e-mail list

The new songs live are wonderful and sound very good...

Hi pengers! I just want to share with you my great wonderful love for this beautiful band! I saw them the other night live here in Italy and they were simply divine! The new songs live are wonderful and sound very good... Tim does not use the steel guitar in Captain Easy Chord, but... well, you'll see it live! The new keyboard player is simply terrific, he's a very great player and he's also very nice and kind (like all the other members) 'cos he gave me all the chords that he had there... talking about chords and scores, I'm the guy who has made the Stereolab Tablatures Site and I want to tell you that the old URL is going to die (and I cannot update it!). So, the new URL is and I hope it won't change anymore!

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Sound-Dust Sound-Dust

Album Review: Sound-Dust

2001-08-02 from source:

Stereolab Elektra Records review

So this is it: the legendary complexity of Stereolab is put aside for a style thatís more easily accessible and ready for the masses. Did we hear that correctly?

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drawer b takes on sound-dust Sound-Dust

Album Review: Sound-Dust

2001-08-02 from source: drawer b

Stereolab Sound-Dust (Elektra)

Morphing through another phase in its equally dilettantish and brilliant musical career, Stereolab returns on its ninth album with a proclivity for 1970ís schmaltz, among other things. The squawking jazz bursts of its last album, Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night, have all but disappeared only to be replaced with the familiar cut and paste stylings of, perhaps, its finest album, 1997ís Dots And Loops.

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Home Entertainment

2001-07-27 from source: The Guardian

Tim and Laetitia discuss music for children

From a terraced house in the heart of Camberwell, south London, Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier, the married couple at the core of Stereolab, enthuse over their diverse musical obsessions, from 20th-century minimalist composers to Japanese pop bands.

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Stereolab. An invite to a sonic space trip

2001-05-18 from source:

head-shattering waves of feedback and looping guitar riffs set to danceable beats and harmonizing vocals

Indefinable British-based Stereolab played to an ecstatic Moscow crowd Saturday night, washing listeners in head-shattering waves of feedback and looping guitar riffs set to danceable beats and harmonizing vocals.

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X Stereolab

2001-01-01 from source: playlouder

The irony is, although they've been dubbed po-faced intellectuals, they're probably the least pretentious band on the planet.

Another year, another Stereolab album. They've motored through pounding linearity, and more recently, subtle concoctions of eclectic lounge, avant garde, French soundtrack music and Jazz. For over a decade they've forged a unique niche for themselves on the peripheries of popular culture.

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Live As You Want

2001-01-01 from source: lifestyle: the russian journal weekly supplement

Name a major European city without a big river in it

"First you have to answer a question: Name a major European city without a big river in it," joked StereolabĚs front man, Tim Gane. This was his idea of setting the ground rules, and fortunately, his darting wit drifted into alternate territory before I had to answer.

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