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Stereolab hunts quality BPM in Rio

2000-10-18 from source: All Brazilian Music

Searching for the lost vinyl

British band lands in Rio. The weather is cloudy in the morning. What should they do? Go downtown and buy old BPM albums. ThatŐs what Stereolab members did a few hours before taking the stage at Cine íris, a venue that is a porn theatre by day and alternative club on weekend nights.

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STEREOLAB: Slow burning chemistry

2000-10-02 from source: issue #010

Aiming only to please themselves, Stereolab have drawn in an ever-growing audience in a chemical reaction that has produced 10 experimental albums in just over nine years.

Stereolab are set to appear at The Globe on Tuesday, February 29, SABIAN WILDE speaks to the voice of Stereolab, L†titia Sadier.

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A spanish interview with the groop

2000-08-22 from source:

Bossa Nova, surrealism, cult-status, and more.

on bossa nova and Brazilian music in general: "What happens is that music travels - it's part of its beauty. Our relationship to Brazilian music began with Os Mutantes. I don't know if they're bossa nova exactly, because they're very psychedelic, crazy, melodic and interesting. From there we got to Caetano Veloso and Milton Nascimento. A lot of Brazilian music is enchanting, eloquent and sophisticated at the same time. And even though I don't know what the songs are about, they still sound interesting (laughs). They sound connected to a reality, a consciousness"

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Twisting Rock Cliches Till a Message Pops Through

2000-08-06 from source: new york times

When Stereolab hit its stride, the stylistic connections it made opened up its vistas, and affinity for jazz was more than an affectation

The Battery Park lawn was littered Saturday with fashionable pop fans hitching a ride to the loftier echelons of pop. Transportation was provided by Stereolab, the decade-old Anglo-Francophone band that returned art rock from the territory of Tolkienesque comic book fantasy to its proper status as a complement to art school.

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9.30 Club

2000-06-19 from source:

Washington, DC

Enthusiastic full house at the 9:30 last night. Quixotic were a truly awful trio trying to pass themselves off as deliberate amateurs. They would lose in a battle of the bands against the Shaggs. Their obtuse hip take on the blues comes off more like a mockery... and that putrescent singer/drummer/Hanson look-alike! Yeeeesh!

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LIVE: Sonic Youth w/ Stereolab

2000-06-12 from source: chart attack

The Warehouse, Toronto, ON

Sonic Youth beautifully recreated their latest album, NYC Ghosts and Flowers, but they didn't seem overly inspired about it. They almost went out of their way to make the show average. Their lone visual, a movie showing different buildings in New York City played in the background and was interesting to watch, but failed to inspire.

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Talk Dirty to Me in Esperanto The First Of The Microbe Hunters

Album Review: The First Of The Microbe Hunters

2000-06-07 from source: City Pages

Sonic Youth and Stereolab redefine the intimate grammar of rock, again

It's not just a clich» to say that Sonic Youth and Stereolab have altered the "vocabulary" of semipopular music. It is, at best, a half-true clich». Let's say instead that these bands created freestanding dialects within the rock language itself. Each assembled a coherent pattern of communication out of various preexisting but formerly unfashionable strains of musical patois and slang and cant.

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Mothers of Invention

2000-06-07 from source: City Pages

Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon compare notes on motherhood, degradation, and musical longevity

As hugely influential indie-rock jam bands, Sonic Youth and Stereolab couldn't be more dissimilar. The first began as an ominous roar on hardcore punk's horizon, the second as a groovy, European drone off Nirvana's bow. Both brought the avant-garde to an emergent alt-rock throng (see "Talk Dirty to Me in Esperanto"). But SY's weirdness was distinctly Lower Manhattan--a cacophony of odd guitar tunings and devil moans about American evil. Contrast this with Stereolab's London cocktail of French lyrics and vintage electronics, which offered hummable haikus about evil's impermanence.

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CMJ New Music Report Issue: 667 The First Of The Microbe Hunters

Album Review: The First Of The Microbe Hunters

2000-05-22 from source: CMJ

First of the Microbe Hunters review

The ever-prolific Stereolab returns with First Of The Microbe Hunters, a six-track EP of material written during the outfit's extensive 1999 world tour. The new songs forego the erratic jazz arrangements and post-rock complexity that characterized '99s Cobra And Phases Group..., instead focusing on the simple, yet exotic fusion of cool Krautrock, suave French guitar-pop and luxurious lounge that made the group's mid-'90s offerings such cult classics.

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Bash on Ash

2000-05-20 from source:

Phoenix, AZ

Two statements sum up the show... haircuts! They ROCK. It looked like laetitia and tim went to the same barber, as they were both sporting new haircuts - sans bangs.

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Microbe Brewery

2000-05-18 from source: phoenix new times

You can call Stereolab's musical mix postmodern rock or experimental pop, just don't call it kitschy

You seem like a person who knows from fun -- here's an exercise guaranteed to provide you your required dosage of cruel hilarity. You know that panic-stricken look that comes over people when their CDs get stuck and start skipping violently? It's a million times worse than the sound of an album locked in a groove ever was. It's more like hearing a Martian death ray obliterating a favorite record, one digital particle at a time. Next time you're at a party and someone plays something you don't like, something really precious, sneak Stereolab's 1999 offering Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night into the stereo and cue up track 11, the hypnotic and repetitive "Blue Milk."

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Rock and Roll is Very Sweet Here

2000-05-17 from source:

Stereolab @ The Warfield 5/17/2000, San Francisco

Mr. Bad reviews the recent Stereolab show in San Francisco. Venerable tech-lounge-rock band Stereolab put on an excellent show in this execrable venue this week. It was the kickoff date for their North American tour, but by all measures it was a tight, righteous little set. Don't miss this tour! If Stereolab is coming to your little two-bit burg, pony up the cash and go see them, eh?

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STEREOLAB: Slab of old, thanks

2000-02-24 from source: X-Press Magazine

Stereolab. If ever a name sums up a band this one does.

For nigh on a decade this anglo-gallic combination have extended modern stereophonic techniques in a laboratory style over ten magnificent, ever evolving and difficult to categorise albums. But after a very prolific period (nine albums, numerous side projects and heaps of single releases in about six years) things have slowed down for our Slab.

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The First Of The Microbe Hunters - Elektra The First Of The Microbe Hunters

Album Review: The First Of The Microbe Hunters

2000-02-17 from source: inkblot magazine

When is a 39 minute-long record not an album? When it's a Stereolab EP.

When is a 39 minute-long record not an album? When it's a Stereolab EP. That's what they're calling this disc, anyway. And it makes sense, in a way. If you call it an EP, then it's not burdened with the expectations one has of an album; that it cohere, that it advance the players' musical canon in some way, and that it be good. Not that this EP is terribly bad -- Stereolab have too much good taste for that. But none of it is top-drawer Stereolab, either -- you won't find a "Jenny Ondioline" or "Super-Electric" or even a "Brakhage" here.

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Stereolab live @ Big Cat, Osaka, Japan

2000-02-13 from source: Ink19

I used to think Stereolab was pretty cool, but after seeing them live on the first night of their Japanese tour, I've decided that they're more than that.

"F***!" was the only audible word emitting my lips as they produced a million sounds from about twenty songs, sounds I was familiar with but my ears felt virgin to, and sounds that I was a stranger to but quickly befriended.

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The First of the Microbe Hunters - Elektra The First Of The Microbe Hunters

Album Review: The First Of The Microbe Hunters

2000-02-10 from source: pitchfork media

Rating: 6.8

The haste in the release of this "mini-LP," as the band calls it, means one of two things. Either The First of the Microbe Hunters is an apologetic missive for the career nadir of Cobra and Phases Group Plays Voltage in the Milky Night or the fatal Jenga pull on Stereolab's credibility after ceaseless releases. Fortunately for "the Groop" and the world, the former is the case.

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drawer b reviews the hunters The First Of The Microbe Hunters

Album Review: The First Of The Microbe Hunters

2000-02-10 from source: drawer b

Stereolab The First Of The Microbe Hunters (Elektra)

Just a few months after releasing the long-awaited Cobra Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night, Stereolab churns out another EP, begging the question of whether this a response to the lukewarm reviews of Cobra Phases÷ or just another characteristic over-saturation of the market. The reviews of Cobra Phases÷ were prematurely assuming that Stereolab had run its course- a ridiculous and sweeping judgment made in haste by countless independent zines.

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