Long Life Love Lyrics


Goo goo... ging ging..
Goo goo... ging ging..

The skeletal ghost twirling in the sea
For having been disobeyed to people
The father had drowned his daughter's body
No one could remember why exactly
A lost fisherman thought he'd caught big fish
The hanging bones were instead nightmarish

(i's i's... o's o's..)

He rushed back home with her caught in his line
Lit a fire which appeased his panic
Kind ladies untangled her from her cling
To keep her warm covered with furs and hides
Starting to soften in the warm silence
Fell asleep untempted by her presence

(my my... no no..)
Goo goo... ging ging..

He was dreaming, a tear formed in his eyes
She saw it shine, suddenly felt thirsty
Unfurled her bones, brought her mouth to the tears
She drank and drank, it felt like a river
Plunged her hand in and gently pulled his heart
Harp and full drum that would follow her prayer

They woke up all entwined breath against breath
Got up to live by the sea where they were fed
By the ocean
oh oh oh oh...

No they are not afraid death has its place
In order to create, in order to live
oh oh oh oh...

She'd beat the drum and would sing for new flesh
Sing for hair, eyes, chubby legs, hands, and breasts
All that are warm and needs (?wood and surface??)
She sang some more to bear the sleeping child
Slipped in back with him new skin against skin
Returned the harp and magnificent drum

Na na na...