Invitation Lyrics


Come with your mattress
we can sleep on the river bed
content with your kiss
rolling under the water shed

make a connection
find our way through the plexus
accept the invitation
this river bed was made for us

roll let the rock fall
got to smooth out the edges
roundness will espouse
river high, river low
locus of the soul
to ally with the flow
roll let the rock fall

when all the colours
become green, become grey
merely pure matter
transforming into clay

absorbing, reflecting
mirror of reality
unifying all the way
where we can let life be
on the other side
nothing is quite so scary
nothing so final
roll let the rock fall...

(a)live is the torrent
clearing its way
vivacious river

show me how
you let go
hollowness of experience
reveal the strength of your flow