With Friends Like These Lyrics


L: All this violence is puzzling
Maybe the law should intervene.
M: All this violence is threatening
Hate is in need of censoring.

L+M: Ban hate and violence for our convenience (x2)
(Repeat once)

L: Don't we all know the dangers
Of two conflicting viewpoints?
M: An active troublemaker (?)
Fanning the flame of dissent
L+M: So much aggravation!
L: To all haters: We'll create some laws to stop you.
M: You're the danger; you really shouldn't be allowed

L: They piss on morality!
M: They detest humanity!
L: Those savages should be banned!
M: They're so deeply offensive!
L+M: Somebody shut them up!

[Throughout the following section Mary (I think) sings
something like: "once you catch them, kill them, kill

L: Oh well, Fuck it! They'll still be full
of hate and shit.
M: But it's handy,
We'll blame it on human nature.
(Repeat from "They piss on... to "Somebody shut them

L: We'll censor the hell out of you...
M: We'll coerce evil out of you...
L: We'll cut you're tongue if we have to...
M: You're the baddies and we hate you...
(Repeat once)