Rose My Rocket Brain! [Rose le Cerveau Electronique de Ma Fusee!] Lyrics


The stance and demands must be clear:
backing the Iraqi people
against military action
As it stands it is guaranteed
that our disrespected leaders
are gonna get away with this
Marcher, what are you marching for?
weak with[?] the political aim
The fate of Iraq will not be
in the hands of the Iraqis

When faced with war
we ought to ask, is it just?
is it unjust?
what can be done instead?
When faced with peace
we ought to think of the people
whose very world is threatened
by such a war
A peace movement should
radically challenge
the idea that the western powers have
the right to determine the [efforts?]
of the rest of the world,
Yet the anti-war movement today
passively takes on
the view of the west

No, not peace, protest to ????
???? Í of western powers
There is no political case
No position to ??? our leaders
Even less for their demands for
??? politic and social changes
Nowhere is the peopleÝs view heard
To ÍÍÍ. ???

Uniting the people around fears, frustrations ˝
ThatÝs no way to create positive politics