The In Sound

Release notes:
Independent Project Records
Release date: 1998-00-00

Track List

1. Blue Milk [Munich Madness]
2. 1000 Miles An Hour
3. Aluminum Tune [Golden Atoms]


3-track 7" EP released by Independent Project Records (IPR). Limited edition of 2500 copies.

All three songs appear on Stereolab's 'Aluminum Tunes' compilation. However, two of the three songs have different titles from the ones used on that album. The track listing on the record is:
1. Blue Milk
2. One Thousand Miles An Hour
3. Aluminum Tune

As an enclosed note with the record from IPR took pains to explain, despite the titles, these two tracks are not previously unreleased songs. They were titled differently because between the time IPR got the master tapes and the release of the disc, the groop decided to change the titles of two of the songs. ("Blue Milk" became "Munich Madness" while "Aluminum Tune" became "Golden Atoms". To add to the confusion, the song title "Blue Milk" was later re-used by the groop for a track on the 'Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night' LP)

As with many IPR products, the packaging is superb: the disc comes in a handsome, letter-pressed, fold-out sleeve and is pressed on silver vinyl. Also included in the package was a Stereolab stamp sheet inside a book (12 stamps per book). The colours of the books/stamps matched the colours of the record sleeve.

Yellow/White - 1200 copies
Blue/Silver - 445 copies
Brown / Gold - 390 copies
Red / Black - 405 copies

A second run of the stamp book was later printed:
Red / Silver - 50 books of stamps.