Chinese Whispers

Release notes:
Release date: 1998-00-00

Track List


‘Chinese Whispers’ has been described as a "remix relay race", started by the groop and featuring ten producers - The Sons of Silence, Ultramarine, Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq), Freeform, Slang, Bedouin Ascent, Si Begg, Subtropic, T Power and, finally, Stereolab again.

"Basically, Tim made a bunch of samples (which you never hear). These were sent anonymously to Sons of Silence, who mixed the samples into a track. This track was then anonymously sent to the next person in the chain, who remixed THAT SONG - not the original samples - and so on. Finally, it came back to the groop ...and Andy and Tim made their own remix."

Track list:
1. Chinese Whispers ["Agent XX Mix"] performed by Sons Of Silence
2. Chinese Whispers ["Ultramarine Mix"] performed by Ultramarine
3. Chinese Whispers ["Unbutton My Coat Mix"] performed by Mike Paradinas
4. Chinese Whispers ["Chiney Biskers Mix"] performed by Freeform
5. Chinese Whispers ["Slang Mix"] performed by Slang
6. Chinese Whispers ["Bedouin Ascent Mix"] performed by Bedouin Ascent
7. Chinese Whispers ["Kojak Mix"] performed by Si Begg
8. Chinese Whispers ["Tanje Mix"] performed by Subtropic
9. Chinese Whispers ["A Hamster Is Not Just for Life Mix"] performed by T Power
10. Chinese Whispers ["Stereolab Mix"] performed by Stereolab