Nurse With Wound - The Swinging Reflective

Release notes:
United Dairies

Release date: 1999-00-00

Track List

6. Animal Or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason)
9. Simple Headphone Mind


Over 120 minutes worth of collaborations by Nurse With Wound and other artists. Steve Stapleton chose the 14 tracks included, which are his personal favorite collaborations. Also features unreleased material done with Aranos and The Inflatable Sideshow. Packaged in an embossed, full color gatefold slipcase.

Full track list:
1. Diana Rogerson: "Dead Roads/Cradle Your Snatch/The Little Seed" (1987)
2. Tony Wakeford: "The Frightened City" (1991)
3. The Legendary Pink Dots: "The Window On The World" (1992)
4. Foetus: "Brained By Falling Masonry" (1985)
5. Current 93: "Panzer Ruin" (1990)
6. Stereolab: "Animal or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason......)" (1993)
7. William Bennett: "Duelling Banjos" (1993)
8. Inflatable Sideshow: "Bone Frequency" (1998)
9. Stereolab: "Simple Headphone Mind" (1995)
10. David Tibet: "Dead Side Of The Moon" (1996)
11. Aranos: "Generally Regarded As Safe" (1999)
12. Coil: "How To Destroy Angels II" (1992)
13. Chris Wallis/Peat Bog: "Angle" (1995)
14. Tiny Tim/Current 93: "Just What Do You Mean by 'Antichrist'?" (1995)