Music For the Amorphous Body Study Center

Release notes:
D-UHF-D08 - 10"
Release date: 1995-02-25

Track List

1. Pop Quiz
2. Extension Trip, The
3. How To Play Your Internal Organs Overnight
4. Brush Descends the Length, The
5. Melochord Seventy-Five
6. Space Moment
7. untitled


A collaboration between Stereolab and the New York Sculptor Charles Long. Stereolab provided the music for Sculptures made by Charles. All of the sculptures were exhibited in New York and were offered for sale as were 1500 ‘first edition’ copies of the CD. Charles also made a limited edition of ‘Amorphous Babies’. Each sculpture / Amorphous Baby was sold with a CD and the balance of the CDs were sold at the gallery and a few shops.
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A 'second edition' of the LP was released commercially on 1 April 1995 - 2839 copies on 10" vinyl and 9916 copies on CD. The 'second edition' CD had a yellow cover instead of the white cover of the 'first edition'.