Christian Vialard – Asymphonie Monoton Silence

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Release date: 2011-06-24

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Installation consisting of a projected video and a sound composition, featuring 18 musicians including Tim.

'Asymphonie Monoton Silence' (2011) is a tribute to Yves Klein's "Symphonie Monoton Silence" of 1947-1961. It was created by Christian Vialard on the occasion of the exhibition "Le temps de l'écoute" at the Villa Arson National Centre of Contemporary Art in Nice, France from 24 June to 30 October 2011. The installation was later made available as a limited edition DVDr and online @

18 musicians were invited to play the Monoton symphony with the instrument of their choice. They had to play a note (of the D major chord) for 20 minutes and then fall silent. Each musician was filmed and recorded in his own studio - in Berlin, Paris, Bordeaux and Nice - under the conditions of a live performance. Asymphonie Monoton Silence is thus a virtual concert of 18 musicians not playing in the same time nor in the same geographical area.

The film is composed of five vertical strips. Each of these strips show successively the musicians while playing the score.

Performers: Catriona Shaw, Fred Bigo, Mimosa Pale, Tim Gane, Eddie Ladoire, Bertrand (Year of no light), Jérôme (Year of no light), Johan (Year of no light), Mathieu (Year of no light), Pierre (Year of no light), Emmanuel (Noir Prod), Poil, Jérôme Joy, Gauthier Tassart, Arnaud Maguet, Vincent Epplay, Richard Prompt, Philippe Fernandez.