Le Lapin

Release notes:
Distributer: none
Short film - shot on super-8/video-8
Color, sound plus alternate soundtracks
Duration: 4 minutes
Production year: 1998
Release date: 1999-00-00

Track List


Short film by Dara Greenwald, a Chicago-based experimental filmmaker, curator and media activist. Dara
sadly died of cancer on 9 January 2012, aged only 40.

"A whimsical, drunken journey through a small French village in the foothills of the Pyrenees with an adult human size rabbit. Presented between a miniature velvet theatre curtain and featuring an alternate soundtrack by Stereolab, the viewer accompanies a humanoid bunny on his hi-jinks adventures as he hops through the countryside."

'Le Lapin' was shot simultaneously on consumer video-8 and on a non-functional super-8 film camera. There are three versions:
- version 1 is a super-8 version with camera sound.
- version 2 is a video-8 version with original music by Kevin Ayers.
- version 3 is the same as version 1 with an original sound track by members of Stereolab.

Screening Format: Video

Running times - 4:00 (version 1), 6:00 (version 2), 4:00 (version 3)

The video was exhibited/screened in the US and Europe during 1999-2000 as an installation and as a single channel piece at festivals. It was broadcast on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in 2006.

The Stereolab version can now be viewed online @ http://vimeo.com/32556477