Jef Barbara – Soft To The Touch

Release notes:
Release date: 2013-09-30

Track List


Album by "Montreal’s rising glam hero", released in France on CD and worldwide in digital form. Track 3 features Laetitia.

Track list:
01. About Singers
02. Soft To The Touch
03. Chords (Duet With Laetitia Sadier)
04. Song For The Loveshy
05. Crédit D'amour
06. Technic Is Fun
07. I Don't Know What's Going On But Something's Coming On
08. I Know I'm Late
09. Erection
10. Old Gold & Loose Diamonds
11. Amour Ardent
12. Florida Is The Future
13. Amour Ardent - Reprise
[14.] Theme from Our Weekend*
14.(CD)/[15.(iTunes)] I Know I'm Late (Bertrand Burgalat Remix)

*iTunes only bonus track