La Piscine

Release notes:
Wool Recordings
Release date: 2011-07-25

Track List


La piscine - an invitation by Laetitia Sadier to keep on swimming'. 5 track mini LP on limited edition 12 inch vinyl with silkscreened
artwork by Thomas Dutter/ Superheights. Also available as a download.

"Wool recordings loves Laetitia Sadier's music and we wanted to do a special release all around her. So we asked her to curate something really personal. She decided to invite some of her closest friends to take part in the project, with a water-related song as the only suggestion. 'La piscine' is not a compilation but rather a collaborative project of friends and talented artists."

Track list (artist):

Side A
01 The Opposite of Spectator (Laetitia Sadier)
02 MG 3333 (Richard Swift)
Side B
03 R?sistance Dans L'Ombre (Laetitia Sadier & Richard Swift)
04 Take a Little Time (Rebecca Gates)
05 A Space Without Corner (Superbravo)

Superbravo is the solo project of Armelle Pioline, singer with the French band Holden.