Junior Electronics

Release notes:
Duophonic Super 45's
Release date: 2009-01-27

Track List

1. What We Say
2. Creation in Time
3. Twist and Torque
4. Truly Weill
5. Concrete Song
6. I am a Verb
7. Superstitious Lee
8. Hand-made Real-time Spaghetti
9. Trace of You


Debut solo album recorded in 2007 by Stereolab's keyboard wizard, Joe Watson. Also features Laetitia on vocals (tracks 2, 4, 9) and Simon Johns on bass (tracks 1, 9).

Released by Duophonic Super 45s in a limited edition 300 copies on black vinyl. Some copies were sold on the European leg of the Chemical Chords tour (Nov-Dec 2008) with the remainder released for sale exclusively through Rough Trade. A digital release is 'pending'.