Momotte & Laetitia Sadier - EP

Release notes:
Deux Mille Records
7" + 6xMP3s
Release date: 2009-03-10

Track List

1. La Nouvelle Chanson Francaise
2. J'ai peur (de la voiture)


2-track 7" vinyl EP on 2000 Records. Billed as a collaboration between Laetitia and French band Momotte (whose members include Julian Gasc - who played keyboards with Stereolab on the Chemical Chords tour), although Laetitia possibly only sings on one track. She also plays trombone on the EP.

The intention was that some copies would be sold on Stereolab 2009 tour dates with a special sleeve, but the hiatus may have put paid to that idea. You can see the two different sleeves on the 2000 Records website.

The EP comes with a card inside, allowing you to download 6 free unreleased Momotte songs (MP3s).