Angil and the Hiddentracks - The And

Release notes:
We Are Unique! Records
Release date: 2010-05-05

Track List

8. Kira #2


Album release by French-based international collective, the basic tracks were recorded in St Etienne, France by a 10-member band with vocals then added by various guest contributers in St Etienne, Brussels, Glasgow, London and Los Angeles.

Laetitia sings on 'Kira #2'; these vocals were recorded by Marie Merlet of Monade, who also adds some backing vocals to the track.

Other guest singers include Emma Pollock, Jim Putnam and Francoiz Breut.

Full track list:
01. Disculpe
02. Thelma Or Louise
03. Lipograms
04. Kira #1
05. Jackson Jr Redding
06. In The Attic
07. Sail Home
08. Kira #2
09. Unbroken Hearts
10. Finlande And Platform
11. Kira #3