Woolly Jumpers EP, Vol.1

Release notes:
Wool Recordings
10" vinyl (Ltd. edn.) / digital (AAC)
Release date: 2010-06-21

Track List

1. Statues (demo version)


Four-song 10" EP on Wool Recordings, presenting artists that the label feels very close to.

Includes a track by Laetitia. She gave Wool a solo demo version of "Statues Can Bend" (titled simply "Statues" in this version). The song features in orchestrated form on Laetitia's solo album "The Trip". The other tracks on the EP are by Castanets, Peter Broderick and Double u.

This EP is also an introduction to a compilation CD, also titled "Woolly Jumpers" (Wool Recordings, WR016CD), due for release on 22 November 2010.