Monade - A Few Steps More

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Release notes:
Too Pure
PURE159LP - 12"
PURE159CD / PURE-159-2 - CD
Release date: 2005-03-08

Track List

1. Wash and Dance
2. Few Steps More, A
3. Salle des pas perdus, La
4. Das Kind
5. 2 portes, 7 fenÍtres
6. Dittysweep
7. Becoming
8. Pas toujours; encore
9. Sensible et extensible
10. Dittyah
11. Paradoxale
12. There Are Things That No One's Told You About


Second LP by Laetitia's side project, which at this point had become a four-piece band. Released on CD and vinyl in the US and Europe through Too Pure / Beggars Group USA.