Moog - OST

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Release notes:
Hollywood Records
Release date: 2004-09-14

Track List

2. Variation One


Soundtrack album to the documentary, "Moog", in which the groop also make a brief appearance. Details of the movie, including downloadable trailer can be found here.

The movie, written and directed by Hans Fjellestad, had a limited theatrical release from September 17th 2004 and was released on DVD in 2005.

Full track list of the CD:
33 - "Abomination"
Stereolab - "Variation One"
Moog Cookbook - "Bob's Funk"
Meat Beat Manifesto - "Unavailable Memory"
Tortoise - "Beautiful Love"
Money Mark - "Nanobot Highway"
Charlie Clouser - "I am a Spaceman"
Jean-Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert - "You Moog Me"
Plastiq Phantom - "Sqeeble"
Psilonaut - "The Sentinel"
Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins - "When Bernie Speaks"
Bostich - "Realistic Source"
Electric Skychurch - "Endless Horizon (I Love Bob mix)"
The Album Leaf - "Micro Melodies"
Pete DeVriese - "You Have Been Selected"
Baiyon - "Mixed Waste 4.2"
Roger O'Donnell - "Another Year Away"

Note: a limited edition of the album (cat. no. 162471-2) came with a bonus CD of 8 'classic' rock tracks featuring the moog.