Ecoute et Repete 1

Release notes:
about the project
This project got its start on the peng! email list.
There had been a lot of discussion about trading bootlegs, rarities, and other little known tracks, but it seemed as though nothing ever happened, or plans always fell through the cracks. Thus, the Tape Tree Project was born.
Release date: 2001-01-01

Track List


Rarities disc 1.
Rarities CD-Rs discs one and two
Kind of a "switched on bootleg volume(s)" if you will, will be a collection of rare and hard to get tracks, including a few live cuts. The main purpose of this is to let many who have only heard about these tracks finally get to listen to them.

Initially, over 250 people responded wanting copies of these discs, not including all the people who volunteered to do the copying and mailing, all at their own expense. This has truly been an example of devoted fans. The goal, after the initial mailing, was to have all the people on the last 'branch' of the tape tree take their copy and in turn burn copies for other people who either missed the deadline or found out about the project too late. All the files have been posted here in an effort to allow everyone a chance to hear these rare tracks.