High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy

Release notes:

V2 (Japan)
Release date: 1998-01-26

Track List


The High Llamas' fourth LP. Andy plays electronic percussion and "supersizer" and also did some programming.

Track list:
1. Twisto Teck
2. The Sun Beats Down
3. HiBall Nova Scotia
4. Tilting Windmills
5. Glide Time
6. Bouncy Glimmer
7. Three Point Scrabble
8. Homespin Rerun
9. Painters Paint
10. Evergreen Vampo
11. Showstop Hip Hop
12. Over the River
13. End on Tick Tock
14. Didball
15. Jazzed Carpenter
16. Lobby Bears
17. Elliot Bridge*
18. In the Yacht*

*bonus tracks on Japanese edition only

An instrumental version of 'Painters Paint' appears on the 'Lounge #4' compilation CD [Lounge Magazine, Germany, 1997]

'Showstop Hip Hop' also appears on the Melody Maker compilation CD "In-car Stereo" [Melody Maker, May 1998]

'The Sun Beats Down' and an instrumental version of 'Showstop' appear on the High Llamas' "The Sun Beats Down" EP [V2, 1999]

Remixes of several tracks appear on the High Llamas' "Lollo Rosso" mini LP [V2, 2000]

'Glide Time', 'The Sun Beats Down', 'Three Point Scrabble', 'Elliot Bridge', 'In the Yacht' and instrumental versions of 'Showstop', 'HiBall Nova Scotia' and 'Homespun Rerun' appear on the High Llamas 2CD compilation "Retrospective, Rarities and Instrumentals" [Alpaca/V2, VVR1021882, 2003]. This collection also includes a previously unreleased track from the "Cold and Bouncy" sessions, entitled 'Vampo Brazil'.