Shonen Knife - It's A New Find

Release notes:
MCA-Victor Japan
Release date: 1997-00-00

Track List

6. Hot Chocolate (stereolab mix)


Japanese EP/mini-LP. Includes a remix by Tim of Shonen Knife's "Hot Chocolate"

Full track list:
1. It's A New Find (English) - mixed by John X
2. Hot Chocolate (English/Japanese)
3. Anyway You Want It
4. Mysterious Drug Store
5. It's A New Find (English) - ("Atarashii Hakken": New Discovery Mix)
6. Hot Chocolate (English/Japanese) - (Stereolab Mix - mixed & arranged by Tim Gane)
7. It's A New Find (English) - (I've Gone Berzerk Mix - mixed by John X)

Tim's remix can also be found on the following Shonen Knife releases:
- Ultra Mix (MCA-Victor Japan, MVCH-19001, CD, 1997)
- Ultra Mix Special Sampler (MCA Victor-Japan, CD, 1997, promo only)