Speed Queen

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DVD - 6 minutes / VHS video
Release date: 2000-00-00

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Short film/video installation (on DVD). Music by Mary.

The 'Speed Queen' is Ulrike Kubatta, video artist and a former motorcycle courier, who briefly swapped the hazardous streets of central London for the fast and frenzied world of the American sport of Roller Derby.

'Speed Queen' premiered in September 2000 on the giant outdoor LED video screen outside 'Home' nightclub, Leicester Square, London WC1 as part of "Global Multimedia Interface". It was subsequently shown during the 'Speed Queen' exhibition (15 September - 14 October 2001 at Transit Space, London E9 - go here for more information about the project and the exhibition.

VHS copies of the video were sold at the exhibition for 20 each (number of copies produced unknown), as were copies of The Horizontalist 7" single featuring Mary's music from the soundtrack.