Europa 51 - Abstractions

Release notes:
Lo Recordings
enhanced CD

Release date: 2003-09-22

Track List

1. Radio Rodeo
2. Europa 51
3. Realism of the Illusion
4. Voyeurism
5. Four Steps in the Sun
6. Golden Age of Gameshows
7. Free Range Corona
8. Society for the Prevention of New Music, The
9. Folkmaster Flex


Europa 51 are Andy and Simon plus composer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Russell.

Among the various guest musiciams appearing on this CD:
Mary sings on tracks 4-7
Dominic plays electric piano

Five of the nine tracks form the soundtrack to the short (25 minute) film "Top Ten Of Everything", made by the Shapeshifter film production company, directed by John Terry. The complete film is included on the enhanced portion of the CD.