Splitting The Atom

Release notes:
Duophonic Super 45s
Release date: 1997-00-00

Track List

1. Splitting The Atom, Parts One And Two
2. Monkey Brain


Splitting The Atom is Andy (Drum Machines, Space Drums, Vox Organ) and Simon Holliday (Moog, Saxophone), assisted by Peter Kember a.k.a. Sonic Boom (VCS3, Vox Organ) and Mary (voices - Side 1 only). Recorded at Mother Digital by Paul Barton.

Simon Holliday was the groop's live sound engineer at the time.

2500 copies on black vinyl.

Trivia: "Monkey Brain" was subsequently used - vinyl pops and all! - to accompany the short film/digital video "four" by Man and Martin, described as "four whole minutes of pulsating thought muesli, ultra-violet and ultra-compact bulletproof adventures for ages four years and above". 'Man and Martin' is graphic designer, sculptor and AppleMacintosh convert Andy Martin. "four" premiered at the onedotzero2 digital film festival at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London in May 1998. A onedotzero2 stripspace gold disk CD-ROM was also produced as a preview to the 1998 festival, which featured clips from festival artists, including Martin. The CD-ROM came in a limited edition of 100.