Turn On

Release notes:
Duophonic Super 45s
DS45-18 - 12"
DS45-CD18 - CD

Drag City
DC131 - 12"/CD

Release date: 1997-09-00

Track List

1. Electrocation of Fire Ants
2. Plasmids
3. Ru Tenone
4. United States of Surrealism
5. Young Cherry Trees Secured
6. Triple Cause of Poetry
7. Delimiting
8. Glangorous
9. Jumbleo Palipsest
10. Gimmickry Sensational Hoax
11. Gimmickry Hoax Sensation


Mini LP released by Duophonic in the UK and Drag City in the US.

Turn On is Tim, Andy and Sean O'Hagan.
Laetitia sings on track 3, 'Ru Tenone'.