M (is the thirteenth letter) / Monade split

Release notes:
All City, Louisville Records

Release date: 1996-00-00

Track List

2. Witch Hazel
3. Ode to a Keyring


Laetitia's first release under the Monade name, a collaboration with Rosie Cuckston from Pram. Split single with M is the thirteenth letter (Dave Pajo aka Aerial M / Papa M, accompanied by Ray Rizzo)

7" single on black vinyl. Came in a textured, silver-on-blue sleeve and included 2 inserts. Limited edition.

Side 1
M - Vol De Nuit
Side 2
Monade - Witchazel
Monade - Ode to a Keyring

(Note: "Witchazel" was later retitled "Witch Hazel")