Kim's Bedroom

Release notes:
Purple Books (France)
ISBN: 2-912684-19-6
Book and CD

Release date: 2000-03-17

Track List

4. Vol de Jour


A publication for the 'Kim's Bedroom' art exhibition/show, curated by Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and hosted by the MU Art Foundation, De Witte Dame in Eindhoven, Netherlands, which took place between March 17 and April 24, 2000. More details here.

From the press release: "In Kim's Bedroom, conceptualizer and guest curator Kim Gordon introduces the spectator to an extraordinary, personal world in which visual arts, photography, film/video, fashion and music have come together. The project included an exhibition, a music performance, and a film night. During the opening of the exhibition, a publication designed by the Paris-based 'Purple' was presented. This publication contains works by most of the artists participating in Kim's Bedroom, plus a CD."

Purple is a French magazine that was founded in 1992 by a group of young critics, artists and curators.

The CD includes a Monade track, which is credited to Laetitia, was written and performed by her, and recorded by Tim.

Full track listing for the CD:
1. Jim O'Rourke with Ikue Mori - "rockon"
2. Adris Hoyos
3. John Fahey recorded in Chicago, May '98
4. Laetitia Sadier - "vol de jour"
5. Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori and DJ Olive - "Cough Drop"
6. Cat Power - "Love to be Silly"
7. Raymond Pettibon - "Row loves Dow"
8. Jutta Koether (with oration by Tom Verlaine) - "eating the I"
9. Loren Mazzacane Connors - "Pretty as ever" for Suzanne
10. Mike Kelley - "Black Betty" (from the "private moments series")
11. Yoshimi P. We, Rita Ackerman, Atari, David Nuss, Yoshida and Shoji - [untitled track]