1992 Tour Dates

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1992-02-08 UK: London Town and Country

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1992-03-07 FR: Rennes L Ubu
First French performance.
1992-03-09 FR: Paris Espace Europ»en

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1992-03-11 BE: Merchtem Groovy Times

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1992-04-03 UK: London London School
of Economics

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1992-04-04 UK: London London School
of Economics

1992-04-23 UK: London HMV
In-store performance
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1992-06-06 UK: London Finsbury Park

1992-06-09 UK: London Russell Arms,
Mornington Crescent

Head Club
1992-06-12 UK: Harlow Square

1992-06-18 UK: Glasgow Apollo

1992-06-19 UK: Edinburgh University

1992-06-20 UK: Leeds Dutchess of York

1992-06-21 UK: Brighton Zap

1992-06-25 UK: London Town and Country

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1992-07-09 UK: Camberwell Union Tavern

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1992-08-15 UK: Chelmsford Army and Navy Club

1992-08-18 UK: Leicester Princess Charlotte

1992-08-19 UK: Derby Warehouse

1992-09-05 BE: Merchtem Groovy Times

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1992-09-06 FR: Lille Salle Municipale

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1992-10-02 UK: Colchester Arts Centre

1992-10-04 UK: Manchester Boardwalk

1992-10-05 UK: Leeds Dutchess of York

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1992-10-06 UK: Derby Warehouse

1992-10-07 UK: Leicester Princess Charlotte

1992-10-08 UK: London Town and Country II

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1992-10-09 UK: Southampton Joiners Arms

1992-10-10 UK: Bristol Mauretania

1992-10-11 UK: Brighton Richmond

1992-10-14 UK: Dublin Rock Garden

1992-10-15 UK: Cork Village

1992-10-16 UK: Limerick University

1992-10-17 UK: Derry Victoria Hall

1992-10-18 UK: Belfast Limelight

1992-10-22 US: New York City Knitting Factory
Moonshake, Th Faith Healers, God Is My Co-Pilot
First U.S. appearance. Exact date unknown. Too Pure showcase at 1992 CMJ New Music Seminar
bootleg video
1992-10-24 US: Hoboken Maxwells

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1992-10-25 US: Silver Spring, DC Vinyl Ink Records
In-store performance.
1992-10-25 US: Washington, DC 9.30 Club

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1992-10-30 US: Cambridge, MA TT the Bears

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1992-11-28 UK: London Scala Cinema,
Kings Cross

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1992-12-18 UK: Harlow Harlow Square
Too Pure Yuletide Extravaganza