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Welcome to the New UHF

A bunch of things broke when my web host updated some software, and while I was fixing it, I decided it was high-time to do some updating.

Since I hadn't touched the site in years, it was a good opportunity for some revamping.

I spend a lot of time tracking down quality artwork for almost everything in the album section.

I fixed the bootleg section, so links to those shows should now be working.

The only thing I'm not inclined to touch is the semi-broken, mostly working photo gallery. My brief perusal around the inter webs revealed a lot of new 'lab information that I hadn't bothered looking for the past few years. Especially photos. Flickr seems like a great place for all kinds of photos.

As for ongoing updates, we'll see. But for now, the site feels a bit refreshed, and contains a few surprises.

Please to enjoy: UHF.

Posted on 2014-01-28