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Laetitia solo album

Laetitia Sadier may forever be linked with indie stalwarts Stereolab which she fronted with ex-partner Tim Gane for nearly 20 years. But now she is releasing her first Ďofficialí solo record, "The Trip", which follows Stereolabís self-imposed hiatus and the disbanding of Monade, her original solo project that grew into a band.

The album features a band and musical collaborators, including Richard Swift, Rebecca Gates and April March, plus French musicians Julien Gasc and Emmanuel Mario, who also collaborated on the final Monade album "Monstre Cosmic". The songs were recorded in two separate sessions Ė in the UK and America - by Mario and Swift respectively. 'One Million Year Trip', the opening track, deals directly with her sisterís suicide and Sadierís attempt to grieve and understand her loss:

At the heart of my loss my little sister's voice,
Forever muted, inaudible, inert
She went on a million year trip
And left everything behind - her skin, her hair
She has a long way to travel so I will open my heart
And let the pain run along as there is no point in holding on

The Trip reflects Laetitia's "need not to rely on or hide behind anyone. On a deeper level, I also had a very strong urge to make sense of the loss of my sister Noelle, so it's a very personal homage to life's journey and a grieving process for the separations that are an unavoidable part of life".

The band sound was conceived with a spare touch in mind. In an ever increasingly busy world, there is a natural need for stillness.

In addition to Sadierís own songs, there are three covers, including Wendy & Bonnieís 'By The Sea' and Les Rita Mitsoukoís dance-funk-punk classic 'Un Soir Un Chien' from the mid-80s and featured in Jean-Luc Godardís 1987 film, Soigne Ta Droite.

As a solo artist, she explains she can approach song-writing in a different way: "In Stereolab, the lyrics came second and were always to fit Timís music and not the other way around. I donít have that creative tension with Tim anymore, and Iím finding that very liberating", she concludes.

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Posted on 2010-07-09