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Mary: 01-11-66 to 12-09-02

from the stereolab website:

Mary 1/11/1966 - 9/12/2002

It is with great regret and deep sadness that I must announce the death of Mary.

We will all miss her dearly.


A sad day indeed.
Posted on 2002-12-10 by koly

slow updates coming

Well, I figured out how to finally do a table join. To those of you who don't understand SQL database queries (like me), that means nothing. But, as the dim nightlight that is my understanding of dynamicicity (is that a real word?) grows, so the dim glimmer of understanding glows ever-more towards a 15 watt bulb.

In other words, I was able to alphabetize the lyrics page.

Posted on 2002-12-05 by koly

boots, rarities down.

the host for the bootlegs and rarities mp3 files has mysteriously shut down...

I'm currently investigating and, with luck, will have the files up and download-able soon.
Posted on 2002-11-27 by koly

minor fixes

I finally got around to fixing that really annoying background image problem on all the homepage area links (about uhf, about koly, site disclaimer, and the homepage itself). It looked fine on the mac platform ever since the redesign, but windoze just wouldn't display the 2nd background in the lower portion of the content box.

tis finally fixed, lads! enjoy it as it was meant to be seen.
Posted on 2002-11-20 by koly

setlist scans, photos

Scans from the Iceland setlists (both shows) have been uploaded, along with a picture from the first night's show.

- concert photo

- concert setlists
Posted on 2002-11-03 by koly

iceland setlists added

setlists for both iceland performances (Oct 25 & 26th) have been added - a missing song title, though - if anyone can help out

Translation for "Rambo"?

see tour dates or setlists for the new setlists
Posted on 2002-10-30 by koly

Discography update

I've included the new ABC Music - Radio One Sessions information on the discography. I've also added a nice little day-by-day countdown til the albums release on the homepage.
Posted on 2002-09-24 by koly

tour dates updated

Added the last two 'lab performances of 2002 and tim's DJing gig.

tour dates
Posted on 2002-09-07 by koly

new interview added

An article from October 2000 from the All Brazilian Music website, where the groop went shopping for some vinyl.

Posted on 2002-08-07 by koly

more new concert posters

Great new concert posters from the following dates:

- 2001-10-19 Costa Mesa, CA U.S.A. Detroit Bar

- 1997-11-22 Seattle, WA U.S.A. Showbox

- 2000-06-11 Pontiac, MI U.S.A. Phoenix Plaza Amphitheater

Posted on 2002-08-06 by koly

new poster, lyrics update

Thanks to Marco for sending in a new concert poster from a chile performance in 2000.

He also sent in some corrections to the lyrics for Gus the Mynah Bird and some interesting notes regarding the songs possible interpretation.
Posted on 2002-08-05 by koly

duophonic online added

the duophonic online record store link has now been added to the links section of the site.
Posted on 2002-07-17 by koly

Rarities, Bootlegs available!

Many thanks to reliqnet who is hosting both the rarities and the bootlegs.

This is a test, so the may not be available all the time, and if he gets slammed they'll probably disappear again til I find another solution.

But, they are UP and ready to go!

- Rarities

- Bootlegs

And check out the extra special treat - Dots and Loops - Switched on, the entire album, covered via a Casio Keyboard, courtesy of Mike Hanley. Definitely worth a listen.
Posted on 2002-07-11 by koly

grammy story added

Moog and Apple awarded grammy's. An old story from February, but I just happened upon it and added it to the official news2 section.

Posted on 2002-07-10 by koly

"nothing to do..." lyrics fix

Thanks to pishposh, the lyrics to Nothing to Do With Me have been updated.
Posted on 2002-07-05 by koly

movies, bootlegs, and more

Okay - looks like I may have found a solution to the bootlegs and rarities problems. The demand for the rarities seems to have quieted somewhat now that it seems everyone and their mother has downloaded them, and I've found a new lab-ite to host a bunch of bootlegs and the rarities.

This, in turn gives me more room on my servers to allow for other things, like videos for the multi-media section. While everything I have is old, incomplete, and outdated, I'm now able to host it, so enjoy! And they're not even in RealVideo anymore! hooray!
Posted on 2002-06-30 by koly

UHF art added to exhibits

Added the official Ultra-High Frequency disk information from the early stereolab years to the exhibit section.
Posted on 2002-06-26 by koly

band info section

it's not complete, but the section has been built out and is almost done, so the link to that category is now live. Only one nasty category to go, the behemoth that is the discography.

visit the band info section.
Posted on 2002-06-24 by koly

concert review added

Not a whole lot of lab revieing, as the review is from the 2000 tour w/Sonic Youth. Also not that favorable.

2000-06-12 The Warehouse, Toronto, ONT, CA.
Posted on 2002-06-09 by koly

concert photos, voting

More concert photos have been added:

- 2000-06-11 Phoenix Plaza, Pontiac MI

- 2001-10-22 Fillmore, San Francisco U.S.A.

- 2002-03-28 Prince of Wales, Melbourne Australia

The favourite album vote has also been updated and redesigned to match the site. Unfortunately, I lost the last three months of votes, where we were over 6000 votes. I don't imagine it will take too long to get back to that milestone.

Posted on 2002-06-02 by koly

R.S. realaudio interview

Rolling Stone Online features a "backstage" interview with the groop from their 2000 tour.
Posted on 2002-06-01 by koly

new poster added

New poster added to the gallery. This one is a poster from the Anonymous Collective's show, Mobile Home, which displayed stereolab artwork accompanied by the groop's own music. See the poster.

Posted on 2002-05-31 by koly

exhibits, multimedia redone

Finished up the exhibits & artwork section of the site and, in my opinion, improved it greatly from what was once the catch-all bin media section. Now there is a place for the art and exhibits stereolab seems to enjoy collaborting in.

I also implemented a javascript slideshow thing in the exhibits section, and I've tested it on a couple browsers, but please let me know if it doesn't work for you.

I was also able to tackle the multimedia section. Fortunately, I still have all the quicktime videos that appear in that section. Unfortunately, I currently don't have enough space on my server to host the files. Those damn rarities mp3s are hogging up all my file space. After I let people download them during July, I think I'll remove them for a while so I can host a bunch of other stuff.
Posted on 2002-05-30 by koly

lyrics database finished

I've completed the lyrics database at long last.
There are well over 150 songs with lyrics all driven dynamically instead of 150 seperate html pages for each song.

I'm also working on the search capabilities for each section of the site, as I know that was a feature many used on the old site. Should hopefully have some searches working by the end of the week.
Posted on 2002-05-29 by koly

yes, more concert photos

More concert photos added again. This time from the groop's show at the Gaslight in Melbourne, Australia, 2002-03-28.

Thanks to Bags at for the photos.
Posted on 2002-05-24 by koly

more concert photos

Added new concert photos from 2001-09-26 Cafe Antzokia, Bilboa Spain show.

Photos are courtesy of and they hold the copyright to these photos. The also sell reprints from their website - check 'em out.
Posted on 2002-05-13 by koly

new concert photos

Added concert photos for 1999-10-06 Gateszena, San Sebastian Spain performance.

Photos are courtesy of and they hold the copyright. Great photos.
Posted on 2002-05-12 by koly

concert photo added

Again, thanks to Clint - a B&W of tim at the 1998-02-07 Brisbane show has been added.
Posted on 2002-05-11 by koly

corrected concert photos

Fixed the batch of "unknown concert photos2" thanks in part to Clint U.

They appear to have been taken at the same concert as the other photos that appear under the 1998-02-07 Brisbane show, and I've since moved them to their proper locale. enjoy.
Posted on 2002-05-03 by koly

new concert posters

Corrections on fillmore concert
posters, thanks to Dan who sent in
the correct href="
. Also corrected the 1999
November fillmore posters.
Posted on 2002-04-26 by koly

more photos...

Added new concert photos for href="">2001-09-07 Koln, Germany,
2000-06-24 Raleigh,
and href="
00-06-11">Pontiac, MI
. Thanks to all who keep sending in materials! As you can see, I am updating the site on a regular basis since it's so much easier to maintain now.

If only I would get around to redesigning the last few sections...

Posted on 2002-04-25 by koly

tour dates corrections, more

Corrected about 25 or so tourdates
with various information such as
correct city, country, venues, and
accompanying acts.

Also added an entire slew of setlists,
bumping the site to well over 220
Posted on 2002-04-17 by koly

another 30+ setlists

Added another 30+ setlists, mainly to
2002 and 2001 tour dates.

Many thanks to Emmanuel who sent
in a gargantuan list of tour dates,
many providing corrections for
existing dates as well. Thanks E!
Posted on 2002-04-09 by koly

loads of setlists

Over 140 are now online (not
including the scanned setlists). I
have finally started sifting through
three years worth of emails that
contain random setlists, and am in
the process of matching them to their
respective dates.
Posted on 2002-04-03 by koly

New aussie reviews & setlists

yep - two reviews and several setlists
for the current tour have been
added... check em out!
Posted on 2002-04-01 by koly

setlists coming online

I have been entering setlists all night.
sucks. UPDATE - I have added
another 100 or so setlists, still have
25 or so to go from the old site,
PLUS loads from emails that I have
never added. slow going, but lots
more stuff online now!
Posted on 2002-04-01 by koly

setlists db built!

Finally, with lots of help, I was able to
build the setlists table and link it to
the songs table in the database.
Now I just have to go thru and enter
all the setlists and link them up to the
tour dates section. maybe up by
Posted on 2002-03-31 by koly

new interview, tourdate fixes

Another interview was added under
the 2002 interviews, and the groop
added another Brisbane show on
march 24th at The Zoo, which was
scheduled then cancelled due to lack
of ticket sales.
Posted on 2002-03-23 by koly

songs database built

I have finished building out the
songs database and entering all the
songs (I can not believe how many
songs there were...).

No links to the songs yet, as I still
have to build the discog and lyrics
tables, but I am on the road!
Posted on 2002-03-13 by koly

Japan Opening Acts

The opening acts for the japan
shows have been added to the href=../tour/>tour dates section of
the site. Also received was the setlist
for the 2002/03/10 performance,
which will be added to the site once
that section is complete.
Posted on 2002-03-11 by koly

more reviews & interviews

just completed adding lots more
interviews and album/concert
reviews. Reviews have over 75
articles to date, so you are bound to
find something you agree with!
Posted on 2002-03-11 by koly

new homepage launched

yep, I finally got around to
redesigning the homepage. hope
you enjoy it! I will be adding new
background images as I go, and
including a few new features, but it is
pretty much done.
Posted on 2002-03-09 by koly

reviews/tour dates linked

Concert reviews now show up on the
tour dates page linked to their
appropriate date... That tourdates
page has everything - concert
photos, setlists, posters, and now
concert reviews.
Posted on 2002-03-08 by koly

forum redesigned...

for the most part, the forum has now
been redesigned to match the look of
the redesign. I still have to revisit all
the old messages and the archive,
but all new messages should match.

Posted on 2002-03-08 by koly

official news2 up, formatted!

The official news2 section is up and
running. Items still need formatting,
but the hard part is done. Official
news2 headlines link individual
stories. Bunch of original lab reports
to yet to be scanned and added to
this section.
Posted on 2002-03-06 by koly

updates, updates updates

Just added: 3 more concert photo
dates, LOADS more interviews and
reviews including lots of pictures,
and a slew of links.

yeah, a couple more scanned
setlists were also added and linked
to their respective tour dates.
Posted on 2002-03-05 by koly

reviews up and running

The review section is now up. I have
entered all the articles from by
original site and the old monash
(robin) site, plus loads more. I will be
sifting through old peng posts to
glean other reviews as well.
Posted on 2002-03-01 by koly

scanned setlists added

Scanned setlists have been added to
the tourdates and the gallery
sections. If you have any old setlists
lying around that you can contribute,
please e-mail them to me.

for your viewing pleasure.
Posted on 2002-02-28 by koly

interview photos added

Yep, I have added the photos to the
interviews section. Unfortunately, I
have yet to figure out a way to
properly parse and display the photo
credits and captions. Hopefully those
will appear soon. For now, watch for
the reviews section.
Posted on 2002-02-28 by koly

3 more gallery concerts

just found some more concert
photos and have added them to the
gallery section. I am amazed at how
much stuff I had stored in my e-mail
program that people have sent me.
Posted on 2002-02-27 by koly

interviews complete

The interviews section is now
basically complete. I will be adding
some additional photos to those
articles which orginially had them.
That is currently low on the priority
list. Formatting problems have been
fixed - enjoy!
Posted on 2002-02-27 by koly

gallery: 3 new concerts

3 new concerts were added to the
gallery section and simultaneously
linked to their respective tour date.
Posted on 2002-02-26 by koly

interviews almost online

The interviews table is built and
presently being filled with loads of
interviews. The section should be
online soon, followed very quickly by
the reviews and "official news2"
sections, as they all share the same
Posted on 2002-02-19 by koly

gallery & tour dates linked

I figured out how to interconnect the
tour dates section of the site to the
gallery, so now, if there were photos
of a performance, there is now a
dynamic link from the tour date page.
Same goes for promotional show
posters. coool.
Posted on 2002-02-15 by koly

Aussie concert info updates

More information about the groops
shows href="
ereolab.html">down under
. Also
added the australian/new zealand
concert posters to the gallery section.
Posted on 2002-02-14 by koly

new concert posters added

Lots of stereolab concert posters
now available in the href="../gallery/index.php?TopicID=P
osters">gallery section
of the
site. If you happen across any others,
please feel free to forward them on.
Posted on 2002-02-11 by koly

headline news2 working!

I managed to figure out the headline
news2 link to pull in the most current
site headlines and link to the
individual news2 item. only took me
about 2 hours before I finally spotted
the problem. Arg!
Posted on 2002-02-10 by koly

gallery section complete

(almost). I revamped the whole
gallery section
and I am now going through and
adding concert and promotional
photos. If anyone would like to
include additional concert photos,
feel free to email them to me.
Posted on 2002-02-07 by koly

redesign slow-down

Trying to figure out some of the more
complicated (to me, anyway)
database driven features I want to
incorporate... Should hopefully have
some more sections done by the
Posted on 2002-02-06 by koly

Links section almost done.

The links section has been
"databased" and is now in admin
mode. Adding old and new links, and
making sure there are still real sites
behind those old urls.

Only thirteen more sections left!
Posted on 2002-02-01 by koly

Run-n w/Snags

Hit a few snags in "ye olde database
conversion." Having trouble writing
large text files to the server and
tracking/linking them to the database
(rather not store all that info in the db
- it would be huge). Switching focus
to the Gallery.
Posted on 2002-01-30 by koly

Tour Dates

Corrected tour dates for the Australian leg of the tour, including where to get tix.

also changed the links to the old whats new section and the old gigs section to point to the new pages.
Posted on 2002-01-29 by koly

Site news2 Completed!

I have finished entering all the past site news2 from the last 4 years. Not nearly as painful as entering all the tourdates, but not fun. Next section to tackle - Official news2.
Posted on 2002-01-28 by koly

more tour dates loaded

I loaded years 1997-2002. Lot of data entry. Not my kind of job. More dates on the way.
Posted on 2002-01-27 by koly

Section complete!

(almost). With the gracious help of Chris and Derrek - I can now manage the entire tour dates section via one simple page. Heaven on earth. That section was the worst to update. Big props to Chris and Derrek for there MySql and PHP help!
Posted on 2002-01-27 by koly

Not much today.

Unable to do any updates today, as I actually had to work. As the kids these days are saying: Wazzup wid dat?

I almost figured out how to run the entire tour dates section off one page - almost there... almost there! stay on target!
Posted on 2002-01-25 by koly

Tour Dates section almost complete

the tour dates section is almost complete. I just have to enter all the data (but the admin side is way cool and way easy), and then figure out how to link the reviews and setlists.
Posted on 2002-01-24 by koly

Site Redesign

As you can see, the site is undergoing a major restructuring... I am finally getting around to making the entire site database driven, which, once it is done, will make my life so very very easy... stay tuned for more sections!
Posted on 2002-01-23 by koly

Site news2 section almost complete

The news2 section is almost complete. It just needs the side navigation to all the archived news2 events figured out, and then all the old news2 items uploaded.
Posted on 2002-01-23 by koly


I hope I did not destroy all my hard work.
Posted on 2002-01-23 by koly

New Tour Dates

Martin @ duophonic announces new dates - check the tour dates.

This information would normally go in the official news2 section, but that is yet to be built.
Posted on 2002-01-21 by koly