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End of the Tape Tree!

The end has begun - Received all the original material from Adam and will start burning next week (23rd). Get ready for CDs!
Posted on 2000-10-15 by koly

Set lists added

the following dates now have setlists... check out the tour dates section to find the lists:







Posted on 2000-10-07 by koly

Contest Winner

Check out the Win a free bootleg concert CD contest winning entry:

(entry no longer available online).
Posted on 2000-10-07 by koly

Loads of Lyrics

Resident translator David provides lots of lyrics:

Pain et Spectacles

The Way Will Be Opening

3D Melodie


Super Electric


Super Falling Star

Stomach Worm

Nihilist Assault Group

and more!
Posted on 2000-10-07 by koly

Random song link fixed

Finally got around to fixing the random song link generator. Found a cool cgi script that did not rely on the number 10. Enjoy!
Posted on 2000-09-27 by koly

gigs, interviews, and rarities updated

Posted on 2000-09-23 by koly

Contest Winner Announced!

Check out the winning entry to the first ever "Win a free bootleg concert CD contest!"

(entry no longer available)
Posted on 2000-09-05 by koly

New Setlists added.

Check the tour dates section.
Posted on 2000-08-18 by koly

Lyrics added/corrected

A list too long of lyrics deciphered, corrected, and translated. All provided by David, our beloved resident translator.
Posted on 2000-08-13 by koly

New Win a CD Contest!

information removed, contest complete.
Posted on 2000-08-09 by koly

Official Duophonic news2 added.

Posted on 2000-08-04 by koly

Set lists, interview, and contest winner announced.

Posted on 2000-07-17 by koly

New Book to be published


by Andy Cameron

estimated price: $14.00

Paperback - 128 pages (October 1, 2000).

No other info available.
Posted on 2000-07-16 by koly

Argentina Gigs added

Posted on 2000-07-12 by koly

New photos

I have received lots of new concert photos - I hope to add them to the site this week...

thanks to all who have sent in photos.
Posted on 2000-07-05 by koly


Set lists added, more concert and album reviews, and the entire Microbe Hunters LP lyrics translated!
Posted on 2000-06-29 by koly

Super-Decoded-Set-List Translator

A translation of alternate titles the band uses when scribbling their setlists. Gleaned fromt the Phoenix, Arizona gig (2000.05.20).

updated the groop bio page.
Posted on 2000-06-02 by koly

All New Lyric Translations!

including Barok-Plastik off the new Mini-LP (Microbe Hunters).

New set lists

I am also in the process of trying to find a new server, as my space allotment is currently full.
Posted on 2000-05-29 by koly

New Real Audio songs

Added new songs to the media files section. More lyrics translated. Release dates for First of the Microbe Hunters published.
Posted on 2000-05-05 by koly

Not an April Fools Joke!

New Tour Dates added.

Microbe Hunters added to the discog. No release date set yet.

Posted on 2000-04-01 by koly


Added the infamous Cliff and his famous cover art animation.
Posted on 2000-03-27 by koly

Listen to The Underground is Coming

I added all four tracks from the new tour single - all available via real-audio. Check the media files section.
Posted on 2000-03-27 by koly

More tour dates added

Still not the complete tour, but more dates have been included.
Posted on 2000-03-23 by koly


Interviews added, set list from 2000/02/21, and photos from the 2000/02/29 show.
Posted on 2000-03-20 by koly

Tape Tree info and more

Added the tape tree page with all the info about the rarities CD project.

Updated lyrics to Low-Fi

Updated track listing on the stereolab/soi disant split

Added dates for All Tomorrows Parties

Posted on 2000-02-19 by koly

Live version of Analogue Rock

Added a real audio version of the song to the media files section.

updated the Free Design single with cover art.

Corrected information about the Miss Modular single.
Posted on 2000-02-06 by koly

Major updates, continued

Fixed album voting results to display properly in IE or Netscape.

Added new interviews

updated the songs/lyrics section - look for song alphabetically, by song title, or by album.

New Set lists added

More random homepage pix
Posted on 2000-02-05 by koly

Major Updates

fixed the search pages, added items to the discography (the Underground is coming, UiLab Fires, Soi Disant split, Free Design single).

Major corrections and updates to the main discography LP section.
Posted on 2000-02-05 by koly

Message Center done

Finally finished adding the message center. What a bear. Should display 25 posts per page. Unfortunately, I had to archive all the previous posts - hopefully I will figure out a way to search them.

Also having a problem w/the classifieds.
Posted on 2000-01-14 by koly