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Lyrics & Dates added

Lyrics for:

- Our Trinitone Blast

- Laisser-Faire

New tour dates added to current and past years

Better instructions on how to subscribe to the mailing list.

More interviews added.
Posted on 1999-12-01 by koly

Concert Photos added

Posted on 1999-10-28 by koly


Translations to all the Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night songs entered.

Added Tim Gane/Guardian interview.
Posted on 1999-10-26 by koly

Cobra and Phases Lyrics

All the english songs have been transcribed. French songs pending.
Posted on 1999-10-07 by koly

General updates

Fixed some broken links, added cover art for Flourescences EP, trying to limit number of posts visible per page in the message center.
Posted on 1999-10-05 by koly

Voting updates

Added bar graphs to the voting section and a review of the Cobra and Phases LP from NME.
Posted on 1999-09-28 by koly

New Discography

Revamped and cleaned up the discography section - now broken down by albums/LP, EP, singles, and compilations.

also added Cobra and Phases LP into the discog and voting sections.
Posted on 1999-09-16 by koly

Vote for your favourite!

finished the vote for your favourite album section!
Posted on 1999-09-13 by koly

songs section update

updated the songs section of the site - all lyrics now appear w/a the album cover that they originally appeard on (I think...)
Posted on 1999-09-11 by koly


implementing search engine for the site - having some small troubles, but should be fixed soon.
Posted on 1999-09-10 by koly

Message Board fixes.

fixed problem with message board and threads. Earlier messages will not support threads (only the first five or so) but all after that should be fine.
message board should be running at 100% capacity.

Posted on 1999-09-09 by koly