The Amorphous Body Study Center

April thru ?, 1995, New York, NY

The Amorphous Body Study Center was established by Charles Long and Stereolab with the intention of bringing out the physicality that is latent in music and it's distribution. Like a mountain fed spring, a new pattern of sounds enters the world for the very first time. As the listener drinks in this music, it lives within them and becomes a part of their lives and is some way is passed on in yet another form as it leaves that body.

These amorphous bodies provide a link between listeners, radiating outwards in an expanding circle of autonomous selves that are bound by a shared experience, making visible the paths that the ephemeral takes as it flows from body to body, one long umbilical cord connecting humanity. Our interests are not so concerned with communicationg, but with a very deep desire for collectivity. Developments in communication technologies appear daily which represses the physical in favor of the image and word. As the public body is evaporating we hope to have created one new reason to BE together, if for no other purpose but to reveal how in fact we will never be apart.

- from the "Music for the Amorphous Body Center" CD liner notes