Peter-Thomas-Sound-Orchester - Warp Back To Earth 66/99

Release notes:
BUNG 048-2

EFA Records
61548-2 - 2CD
61548-4 - 2x12"

Release date: 1998-00-00

Track List

2. Blaue Milch


The second CD contains 29 samples and sound clips which were taken out of Peter Thomas' personal music archive. The first CD contains 17 "reworks" of those samples by various musicians, including Stereolab.

From the sleevenotes of the Bungalow edition:
"In 1966 composer Peter Thomas - now 73 years old - left planet Earth to musically accompany the adventurous journeys of Space Patrol Orion. His (for that time) rather wacky and futuristic sounds had lacked the appropriate appreciation and understanding. Therefore his return was delayed for exactly 33 years. No one wanted to cover the the costs for his return ticket. But now things have changed. Earth is being populated by a new generation of people and musicians who honour this musical pioneer and creative eccentric - and not only German musicians. The respect for Peter Thomas' life work is being acknowledged all over the world and even in far away galaxies.
When we first met him in space to discuss this project, it was clear from the start that our project should not become a classic remix album. Neither appropriate, nor unusual enough and actually not very practical. Who the hell is able to supply a remixer with original recordings on multitracks from 66-77 anyway? Jarvis Cocker showed us how to do it on 'This is Hardcore'. He created a whole song based on a few seconds of Thomas' original sounds. This was reason enough to go on a research trip through the Thomas-archives to look for forgotten sound scraps and further ideas. We selected 29 bits and pieces out of 2,734 found clips which were recorded after the "Space Patrol period.
These scraps were sent to 17 different modern (but like-minded) artists who proved to be worthy of a certain Peter-Thomas-compatibility and musical understanding of his works. Today's visionaries musically corresponding with Thomas' awkwardness..."

The groop's rework "Blaue Milch" is credited to P.Thomas/L.Sadier/T.Gane. This is what Thomas thinks about Blaue Milch (again transcribed from the Bungalow sleevenotes):
"Schöner Aufbau,...fühle mich verstanden, was für eine nette Melodie sounded da inmitten... Fast kongeniale Machart. -Stereolab: groooosse Chance und Begabung für Filmmusik... (würd ich gern mal denen machen) Toll: die Woman-'liken' Sounds & Melodies."

Track listing (2CD version):

CD1 (Reworks)
1. Es Läuft - Dauerfisch
2. Blaue Milch - Stereolab
3. There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather - The Sons Of Silence
4. P.etit.e - Mina
5. Chaos In The Gym - Saint Etienne
6. PTvsYS - Yoshinori Sunahara
7. Raumpatroille Opium - Brezel Göring
8. Neutron - John McEntire
9. Evil Guitar - Tipsy
10. Zero One - Ronnie & Clyde
11. The Bells Of Senegal - High Llamas
12. Ron's Newt - Mr. Scruff
13. Space Rocks - Stock, Hausen & Walkman
14. Dub In My Club - Momus
15. Peter In Space - Coldcut
16. Neukoment - Schneider TM
17. Warp Back To Earth - Peter Thomas & The Maxwell Implosion

CD2 (P.Thomas original tracks)
1. Onanirato
2. Synthesizer's Melody
3. Zero Zoom Novembra
4. Flirtation
5. Love 71
6. Dark Nature
7. Appartmenthouse
8. Espionage Under Water
9. Galaxy Fall Out
10. Nuclear Chemistry
11. Neutron
12. Lobby And Supercomputer
13. Aum
14. Leukozyt
15. Communication In Hyperspace
16. Little Computer
17. Tremolo Elektro
18. Heptaeder
19. Exiting Two Tones
20. EKG
21. Phasing Violins
22. Kybernetiker In Eile
23. Fötus Irrationales
24. Basso Secco
25. Freelance Dance
26. Sub Deep Frequencies In Violet
27. Saekular Plasma
28. Iterierte Brush Sequence
29. Brush Sequence

The vinyl EFA edition contains only the "reworks".