Original soundtrack recording - 'Alternative 3'

Release notes:
Lo Recordings
LCD019 - CD
L019 - 12" vinyl

Release date: 2001-04-00

Track List

2. Alternative 1
11. Alternative 2
16. Alternative 3
18. Brain Drain


subtitle: "featuring members of Add N to (X), Hairy Butter and Stereolab"

All tracks written and performed by Anne Shenton, Barry 7, Steve Claydon, Richard Thomas and Jon Tye, except 'Alternative 1', 'Alternative 2', 'Alternative 3' and 'Brain Drain' written and performed by Tim Gane, Andy Ramsay and Jon Tye. Recorded at The Center of Sound and The LAB Studios.

'Brain Drain' is also available (credited to Stereolab vs Hairy Butter) on the following releases:
"Contstant Friction: Collaborations 2" (Lo Recordings)
"Sonic Mook Experiment" (Hub Records)
"Sonic Mook Experiment EP Two" (Hub Records)
"Lo More" (Cheburec Records)

Vinyl LP limited to 1000 copies.

Track list (vinyl edition):
Side A
01 Illiac
02 Alternative 1
03 White Sands/Black Sun
04 Iron Curtains
05 Batch Consignments
06 Components
07 Rockets in a Beautiful Sky
08 Designated Movers
09 The Smoother Plan

Side B
01 Operation Midnight Climax
02 Alternative 2
03 Telepathic Sleep Job
04 Delicate Landing
05 Archimedes Base
06 Greenhouse Armageddon
07 Alternative 3
08 Human Decision Required
09 Brain Drain

On the CD, the running order differs slightly: 'Designated Movers' and 'The Smoother Plan' follow the track 'Alternative 2'.

Press notes:
"In 1977 Anglia Television aired a documentary called 'Alternative 3' as one of their 'Science Report' programmes. A3's basic premise is that our planet is doomed to die from global warming and America and Russia, after secretly co-operating for decades, have colonized Mars with selected superior humans and plan to leave the rest of the human race to die when the time comes! The response to the broadcast was unprecedented with many people phoning in, newspaper articles and even questions being raised in the UK Houses of Parliament. In an effort to stop the panic the producers of the programme issued a statement claiming that the show was in fact a hoax and had been originally scheduled for broadcast on April Fool's Day.
Some time later a book was published also called 'Alternative 3', which claimed that the story was true, but that pressure from the 'powers that be' had forced Anglia TV to deny it. The book provided much evidence to support the story and a cult was born. More recently one of the authors, Leslie Watkins, revealed that he had intended to write a follow up called "Backlash to Alternative 3" but that a chest containing that material was mysteriously lost when he moved to Australia.
This bizarre story has now been made into a major feature film starring Cornelia Fischer and Oliver Tubb, with a suitably eclectic electronic score that recalls classic sci-fi soundtracks of the 70's such as The Andromeda Strain and Demon Seed. A web site with further information, stills from the film and links to other relevant sites such as thule.org - where it is possible to view the original documentary - will be launched to coincide with the release of the album. The film itself will be released in the summer of 2001."

Thanks to Peter Robins for disc information.