Yo La Tengo/Stereolab split [Tour single]

Release notes:
Duophonic Super 45s
DS45 - 10
Release date: 1995-06-01

Track List

2. Long Hair Of Death, The


Tour single on fluorescent yellow vinyl in a plain white card sleeve with a fluorescent yellow and silver sticker. 1500 copies (approx) pressed.

Sold on the Stereolab /YLT tour of the UK, 1st-8th June 1995, and at a few YLT shows in the USA that summer.

Side 1
Yo La Tengo - Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop
Side 2
Stereolab - The long Hair Of Death

Trivia: opening Night of Stereolab/YLT Tour haiku, by Yo La Tengo's James McNew:

Morgane's first concert
Mary's making fun of her
maybe they'll play "Crest"

(info courtesy Matador Records YLT site)