Yeti 1

Release notes:
Book & CD. (6" x 9" perfect-bound, 2 color coated cover, 226 pages, CD firmly attached inside)

Release date: 2000-12-01

Track List

9. Négatités
19. 0.00


Yeti is an arts journal with a wide scope, focusing on enthused art of all stripes. It is published by Nobrow (a registered nonprofit arts organization) and edited by former Chemical Imbalance editor and music editor Mike McGonigal.

Inside this first issue - Alan 'Love In Vain' Greenberg; Califone; Felix Valloton; a very thorough bio of Harry Smith; Terry Riley; an oral history of Oak Ridge, TN ("The Atomic City"); James Brown's original funky divas: interviews with Marva Whitney, Vicki Anderson, Lyn Collins & Martha High; Olympia, WA: photos by Tae Won Yu; reprints of Brad Johnson's mini-comics made as flyers for his country band Virginia Dare; Destroy All Monsters: Mike Kelley, Cary Loren & Jim Shaw (Art & Music); Sweden's original tribal psych-folk trance-rockers Trad Gras Och Stenar; Leggo My Mego: interviews with Pita, Fennesz & Bauer; Austrian writer Robert Walser; a lo-fi Metal primer; an interview with Glenn O'Brien about the film 'Downtown 81' which stars Jean Michel Basquiat; 19th century French humorist Alphonse Allais; Jana Martin; James Kochalka; Michael Kupperman; Megan Kelso; and no record reviews.

Full track list of CD:
1. s - see through me
2. califone - wade in the water
3. nobukazu takemura - meteor (long version)
4. elliot smith - angel in the snow
5. trad gras och stenar - i linset au din dag
6. harry smith - water from roof...
7. iron & wine - dead man's will
8. l'altra - tragically older
9. stereolab - négatités
10. carissa's wierd - digging a hole
11. magic magician - time zones be damned
12. mice parade - galileo
13. elyse weinberg - painted raven
14. tomata du plenty - screamers radio spot
15. trad gras och stenar - svarmors polska
16. tedd prudhomme - it's no cliche
17. harry smith - selections from smith recordings, boulder co.
18. chessie - closer together or farther apart (farther)
19. turn on - 0.00
20. voice-bot - instructions