Microstoria - Reprovisers (LP)

Release notes:
Mille Plateaux
mp 37 / efa 00687-2
CD / 2x12" (1997)

Thrill Jockey
CD (2000)
Release date: 1997-00-00

Track List

4. Microlab: Endless Summer


Microstoria is Jan St Wenner from Mouse on Mars and Markus Popp from Oval.

This album features 11 reworkings of tracks from Microstoria’s first two albums, sent out by Microstoria to the artists involved with instructions to augment the original tracks by playing along with them. So the results are not remixes but new pieces.

Full track list:
1. Christoph Heemann (HNAS) - JieTZeit
2. C-Shulz & Hajsch - Microstoria Remix
3. Oval - Microstoria : Runtime Engine
4. STEREOLAB - Microlab : Endless Summer
5. Mouse On Mars - Pull Moll
6. Ui - Run? I Jolly Well Won't Run. I'll be happy to get you chaps another ball
7. Nicholas Collins - microstoria_snd
8. Jim O'Rourke - NAMM Weekend Pass Mix
9. Violent Onsen Geisha - Endless Summer NAMM
10. Christophe Charles - Feld C
11. FX Randomiz - Yaun Twais Oy

The Stereolab collaboration can also be found on the various artist compilation "Kraut 2000" [Polymedia (Germany), 553 968-2, 2CD, 1997]