Sonic Youth curates... All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1

Release notes:
All Tomorrow's Parties
Release date: 2002-01-01

Track List

4. Old Lungs


Compilation originally intended for sale at October 2001 "All Tomorrow's Parties" shows in Los Angeles, CA (event cancelled due to poor ticket sales following September 11th terrorist attacks in USA, but subsequently re-staged 15-17 March 2002)

The Stereolab track is an alternate version of "Young Lungs" (bonus track on the Cybele's Reverie CD and 12" single, 1996)
Groop line-up: Tim, Laetitia, Mary, Morgane, Duncan, Andy, Sean O'Hagan.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Paul Tipler and the Groop.

Full track list:
1. Sonic Youth - Fauxhemians
2. Unwound - Behold the Salt
3. Stephen Malkmus - Good Kids Egg
4. Stereolab - Old Lungs
5. Bardo Pond - White Turban (The Traveller)
6. Cat Power - Come On In My Kitchen
7. Papa M - How Can I Tell You I Love You?
8. Cannibal Ox - Pidgeon
9. Dead C - Load Segment
10. Boredoms - Super Now
11. Kevin Drumm - My Tree Bears No Nuts, Part 2
12. Satan's Tornade - Enhanced Amalgamated Computer Experience