Godz is not a put on

Release notes:
12" vinyl LP w/ 7" single

Hand-pressed LP sleeve. Limited edition of 500.
Release date: 1995-00-00

Track List

2. ABC (the multitude)


Godz tribute compilation.

Full track list:

LP Side 1
Scaredy Cat - Permanent Green Light Pt. 1
Stereolab - ABC
The Apollos - Eleven
Comet Gain - Like A Sparrow
S-Girl And Noo - Lay In The Sun
d - Soon The Moon Pt. 1

LP Side 2
Teenagers In Trouble - Radar Eyes
Royal Trux - Womban
Male Slut - Quack, I'm A Quack
Scaredy Cat - Permanent Green Light Pt. 2
Quickspace Super Sport - The Whiffenspoof Song

7" Single
A. Larry Kessler - Radar Eyes
B. Godz Mix '96

The groop's track is a cover of a song from The Godz' third album, "The Third Testament" (1968). ABC was originally credited to 'The Multitude' (Paul Thornton, Larry Kessler and Jim McCarthy of The Godz plus "Mike Berardi, Joan Berardi, Marty Topp, Krishner, Howie Levy, Howie's Cousin, Phreee, Linwood Dixon, Carol Miller, Nick, Mark Whitecage, Pudgy, Ramona McCarthy")