Cybele's Reverie

Release notes:
D-UHF-D10s - 7"
D-UHF-D10 - 10"
Release date: 1996-02-19

Track List

1. Cybele's Reverie
2. Yper-Yper Sound, Les
3. Brigitte
4. Young Lungs


4 track 10" and CD
2 track 7" ('Cybele's Reverie' b/w 'Brigitte')

'Cybele's Reverie' is an edited version of the song which appears on the 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup' LP. 'Les Yper-Yper Sound' is John McEntire's reworking of the song 'Les Yper Sound' from the same LP.

2000 copies only of the 10" were pressed. Both the 10" and 7" came with inserts.