Switched On Stereolab

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Release notes:
Too Pure
31022 / Peur 001 - CD

SLR 22 - 12" / CD

Flying Nun
FN339 - CD

Too Pure (reissue)
PURE L 78 - 12" / CD
Release date: 1992-04-00

Track List

1. Super-Electric
2. Doubt
3. Au Grand Jour'
4. Way Will Be Opening, The
5. Brittle
6. Contact
7. Au Grand Jour
8. High Expectation
9. Light That Will Cease To Fail, The
10. Changer


A compilation of Stereolab's first three singles for a French release. Limited quantities were imported into the UK and other European territories. Licensed to Slumberland for a US release in October '92 - 1000 copies on black vinyl, and a CD version was also made. In 1995, a CD version was also released by Flying Nun in Australia and New Zealand.

Too Pure later reissued the LP with a new catalog number.